Local Civil War series premieres Monday, Sept. 17, on Antietam Cable

September 15, 2012|By CRYSTAL SCHELLE |
  • A behind-the-scenes look at The Civil War in Washington County series that premieres Monday on Antietam Cable Channel 30. From left, historian Dennis Frye discusses the John Brown Raid as host Jason Buhrman as producer David Dull shoots the scene.
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Washington County has deep Civil War roots, and learning about it is only a remote control click away.

On Monday, Sept. 17, Antietam Cable will premiere the seven-part "The Civil War in Washington County" series. The show airs at 8 p.m. on Antietam Cable's Channel 30.

Producer David Dull said the series will begin before the war with John Brown's Raid and follow the history into the post-war years.

Dull said the project started last year. He said he had lunch in November with local historians Ted Alexander, Tom Clemens and Dennis Frye, to discuss a way to bring local Civil War history to the TV screen.

What came out of that, Dull said, was how the show would be — using the expertise of the three men, along with other experts, to guide viewers on a journey through local history.

Jason Buhrman, who is technical director at Hagerstown Community College theater, will host the program.

"He has big knowledge and big passion about history," Dull said.

The show, Dull said, will have the viewers follow Buhrman "as he learns more about the Civil War in Washington County."

 Dull said the program is informal and low-key, with interviews and shots of local and important Civil War sites.

He said he wanted to make the program as "hyperlocal" as possible.

"Every place they see the public can go to so  they can go and learn about it themselves," he said.

Dull said he's even turned down locations that didn't have public access.

Although there has been a lot of information this year on the Battle of Antietam, Dull said he won't delve as deeply into the battle itself. Instead, the two-part episode dealing with 1862 will look at the battle's impact.

"We'll talk about how the war impacted the county in a large sense and how (residents) returned to normal, per se," he said.

The show will wrap up by talking about preservation and looking ahead at the future of the sites in the area.

Dull hopes several things will come out of the show, but mainly education.

"The most obvious is being a little more interested and aware of the history of this county," he said.

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