Red Run Lake has a crack in it

September 12, 2012

WAYNESBORO, Pa. — A Washington Township, Pa., lake popular for fishing might have gone down the drain.
“The lake is almost dry. ... You can see the whole bottom now,” Jeff Geesaman, chairman of the Washington Township Supervisors, said of Red Run Lake.

Two concrete pipes travel from the lake, beyond Skiway Avenue and into a box at Red Run Creek.

At Wednesday night’s township supervisors meeting, Township Manager Mike Christopher speculated a slide on one side of that box might have rusted at the bottom, allowing water to run through.

He said township employees will be investigating the problem Thursday.

About 4 feet of water seems to be gone, with about 2 1/2 feet remaining in spots, Christopher said.

The township might try to capitalize on the lake being inadvertently drained and seek a permit to clean it.

The last cleaning occurred two decades ago, officials said.

Red Run Creek travels from Blue Ridge Summit, Pa., through Happel’s Meadow Wetland Preserve and into the lake. From there, it traverses Red Run Park, travels parallel to Pa. 16, crosses under the road at Food Lion and continues down Midvale Road, according to Geesaman.


Christopher said staff members looked at the problem a month ago and did not find any leaks at the time. They reported after their latest check that pipes might be leaking and only a few fish remain in the lake.

— Jennifer Fitch

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