Various issues pushing gas prices up

September 11, 2012|By CALEB CALHOUN |

Gas prices continue to rise nationally in the midst of hurricane season, according to figures from the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report.

The national average of regular-grade gasoline in the area was $3.84 Tuesday, up from $3.82 the previous week. It was $3.78 in Maryland, up from $3.77 last week, and it was $3.78 in Hagerstown, up from $3.74 last week.

As winter draws closer, prices are expected to begin to drop, according to the AAA Mid-Atlantic Weekend Gas Watch. But for the rest of this month, prices could continue to rise due to regional supply and distribution issues, hurricane concerns or other unpredictable events.

Around the Hagerstown area, the Sheetz station at Huyetts Crossroads sold regular-grade gas Tuesday at $3.82 per gallon. Plus grade was sold at $3.92, and 93-octane super grade was sold at $4.12 per gallon. Diesel was $3.99 per gallon, and regular-grade gas was $3.79 per gallon with company discounts.

The Shell station on Maugans Avenue just off of Interstate 81 at Exit 9 sold regular-grade gas at $3.75, plus grade at $3.85, 93-octane V-Power grade at $4.05 and diesel at $3.99.

Near Hancock, the Exxon station on Main Street (Md. 144) between Center Street and Tollgate Ridge Road sold regular-grade gas at $3.75 per gallon, plus grade at $3.85, 93-octane Supreme grade at $4.15 and diesel at $3.99.

Just up the road east of the Exxon, the Liberty station sold regular-grade gas at $3.89 per gallon, mid-grade at $4.15 and 93-octane premium grade at $4.37.

The Sunoco station at the intersection of Dual Highway and Eastern Boulevard sold regular-grade gas at $3.79, plus grade at $3.95 and 93-octane Ultra grade at $4.09 per gallon.

Around the state, the average price of regular grade gas was $3.77 in the Baltimore area Tuesday, $3.79 in Cumberland, $3.77 in Salisbury and $3.80 in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C.

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