Letter to the Editor - Sept. 7

September 07, 2012

Nothing has helped Suns draw fans

To the editor:

In my letter to The Herald-Mail this spring, I questioned whether the poor attendance at Suns’ games was due to the lack of amenities at the stadium, or a lack of quality of the team on the field.

In 2012, the Suns finished second in the first half of the season, and as of today (August 29) are currently in first place by three and one half games.

To date, according to the Official Site for Minor League Baseball, Suns’ attendance this year totals only 81,793 fans — an average of 1,363 per game, down from an average of 1,931 fans in 2011. The team with the next lowest attendance, the Kannapolis Intimidators, has an attendance record to date of 114,692; an average of 1,912 fans per game.

The Intimidators are in next to last place. When the Suns’ owners made improvements to the stadium, attendance dropped. This year, the team has shown major improvement on the field, but attendance has dropped by 29 per cent from 2011.

Average attendance in the South Atlantic League this year is 3240 fans per game, almost two and one half times higher than that of the Suns.

The Mayor insists that all this will change with a new stadium. What’s wrong with this picture?

George Anikis

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