Letter to the Editor - Aug. 31

August 31, 2012

Romney Medicare plan is nothing to be afraid of

To the editor:

To any and all of you who are concerned about your fate under the Romney/Ryan Medicare plan, especially those who are on either side of the age issue (55 and over; 54 and under), allow me to make four points:

1. There are no changes to Medicare for those 55 and older.

2. The plan gives those 54 and under the same plan that Congress has now.

3.  It gives everyone (no matter what age) the option to enroll in the traditional Medicare plan.

4. The plan prevents Medicare bankruptcy in 2024.

For me, and I’m in my 60s, and so many others who are worried about Medicare and its continued existence, the last point is and should be, in my opinion, the most important. That for Medicare to stay in existence, there must be changes made.

Mary Burkholder
Chambersburg, Pa.

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