Letter to the Editor - Aug. 29

August 29, 2012

Don’t rehire the company that trashed your house

To the editor:

Here’s an analogy of what the upcoming election looks like to me:

You hire a company to look after your property. After they are on the job for some time you go to inspect the property.  The carpets and drapes are a shambles; the place is nearly destroyed and the yard is dead.

You fire the first company and hire someone else to clean up and repair the damage. After a short time the first company comes back and says that the second company isn’t cleaning up the mess fast enough so you should hire them back. Would you?

Four years to clean up the mess the previous administration left is too short to expect radical results, especially when the present administration has been sabotaged by the opposition party since day one on the job. It took nearly 10 years and a massive government spending program called World War II to get us out of the Depression. Unemployment was at 20 percent five years into the Great Depression.

All I hear from the people who are now out of power is a championing of the same old policies that put us upside down the last time — and the time before. Deregulation? How did that work for George H. W. Bush and the Savings and Loan debacle, or George W. Bush for the banking meltdown?

The biggest tax giveaway ever under George W. Bush lowering taxes for the idle rich didn’t create jobs or prevent the last crash; how is it going to work under the Romney/Ryan program?

Does anyone really believe that the stimulus program didn’t work? Is your credit card still good? Is your bank still there?  Can you still get money out of your ATM? Is G.M. still in business? How is your 401(k) doing with the stock market fully recovered?

The election is about alternatives. Are you really ready to rehire the people who trashed the house last time?

Bob Ayrer
Falling Waters, W.Va.

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