Letters to the Editor - Aug. 27

August 27, 2012

Chick-fil-A, Molly Hatchet and ‘Raymond’ re-runs

To the editor:

As was noted in the Aug. 1 edition of The Herald-Mail, many members of the Tri-State area took part in Chick-fil-A day, lining up around the chain’s Hagerstown location and throwing down their money in support of Christian values and Dan Cathy, a man who probably has more money than I will ever see in my entire life. And he was in no danger of ever losing his First Amendment rights. 

On the opposing side, we have the social avengers jumping in outrage at the idea of someone holding an opinion different from their own and browbeating anyone foolish enough to listen.

Then there are people like me who don’t eat at Chick-fil-A because of the cost. Sure, I don’t agree with them, but I still go about my day, listening to Molly Hatchet and watching re-runs of “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

There’s no point to get upset.

The parties involved are entrenched in their own opinion, no matter how daffy or absurd it might turn out to be. I say that because no one’s rights are being violated. If they were, the news would be silent.

What has been gained by all of this? Have we as citizens grown in any way? I think the only thing that has changed is the amount of money lining Dan Cathy’s pockets and the amount of MSG in the bloodstream of America.

Meanwhile, legislators in Texas want to curb critical thinking in schools and the banks are still doing wonderful things.

But forget that. Let’s talk about how the gun truck is gassing up for its midnight ride to collect everyone’s firearms. These are things that really matter.

Andrew Gay

Hagerstown just isn’t the city that it used to be

To the editor:

I am sorry to see that Forrest Easton is not running again for City Council. I understand how he feels about the City of Hagerstown, because I feel the same way. I would have moved a long time ago had it not been for medical reasons that prohibited it. I moved to Hagerstown 34 years ago and loved the small-town atmosphere. Most of the residents were homeowners and taxpayers.

All that has changed. We got public housing, Section 8 Housing and a large percent of nonprofits. I am not opposed to helping anyone. For those who know me personally know that I try to help everyone that I feel deserves it. All of these are fine, but they do not add much to the tax base and financial stability.

Then, over the years, came the many large apartment complexes that our city did not have enough population to fill.

I remember when we had a policeman patrol regularly and you knew him personally. Now, the only time we see one is when there is trouble. This is all due to much annexation and not enough officers to cover everything. I remember when I used to go shopping downtown. Then came the malls and the outlets. Now, there is nothing downtown for me. We eat out seldomly and do not drink alcohol or smoke in the hookah bars so there is nothing there for us and many others that I know. Like Forrest said, Hagerstown has become a bedroom community for many.

Now, we are going to revitalize downtown with a multipurpose stadium at Baltimore Street and Summit Avenue. The Barbara Ingram School for the Arts and the University System did nothing, so why would anyone think that this multipurpose building will?

This will bring nothing to our town but debt. It has been mentioned that the fans would be brought to the stadium by trolley. How would this help our town when they would probably eat and drink inside the complex?

Comptroller Peter Franchot had a letter to the editor recently about how much the State of Maryland is in the red. The same thing is going to happen to our city. This is why many cities are going bankrupt. Whatever happened to the way I grew up? You saved until you at least had a sizeable down payment. Then you had a monthly payment you could afford. Our city needs to go in that direction in order to keep homeowners in this city.

Louise Dawson

San Mar says thanks to Extreme Makeover helpers

To the editor:

As president of the San Mar Children’s Home Board of Managers, I want to thank everyone involved with the Extreme Makeover of the Barr House. San Mar was truly blessed by the volunteers who made this Associated Builders and Contractors project possible. The work gave a fresh look to the residential wing and all materials and labor were generously donated.

Thank you to Tony Mazzola and Patrick Cochran of Home Depot, Hagerstown, who donated paint, other supplies and manpower. Brock Merwin with Paul Davis Restoration, Frederick, served as project manager, donated the carpet and enlisted the volunteer support of skilled craftsmen. John Crawford, of Rentals Unlimited, came up with the idea and recruited ABC members to become involved. His company donated equipment and lots of John’s time. John Barr and Ellsworth Electric updated the lighting system. Bruce Gross and Kathy Sandifer at Waynesboro Construction donated time and materials. Hopper’s Landscaping donated a Dumpster, while Beaver Mechanical donated materials. Finally, Roy Wrights with Callas Contractors provided carpentry skills and Luis Med and his crew laid the carpeting.

Providing food for volunteers were The Waltz Family Farm, Smithsburg; Krumpe’s Donuts; Pepsi-Cola; Frito-Lay; Weis Markets; Sam’s Club (Nancy Lemler); and Burkholder’s Bakery, Sharpsburg. Susie Sharer made pork barbecue that Alsatia Club members served. Mary Heiser managed the registration process. 

Dozens of others had a vital role in this process as well as companies who donated the money to pay for new furniture. On behalf of the at-risk children who will benefit from this project for years to come, we say thank you one and all. A pleasant environment sends ours girls the important message that “you have value, you are special, there are better things ahead in your life.” 

Extreme makeover participants and benefactors, you are special, too.

Susan Peterson

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