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Letters to the Editor - Aug. 24

August 23, 2012

Country can’t survive four more years of Obama

To the editor:

Allan Powell’s column (July 5) consisted of his expected attack on Mitt Romney. I was surprised that he had so much trouble in coming up with anything negative. Other than a couple of insignificant items — nothing.

Now, I would like to give a view of the White House incumbent. His administration would be the most transparent ever, and it would be kind and respectful of others and their ideas.

His Democratic-controlled Senate has not passed a budget in three years. No accounting of the stimulus money was ever given.

He has compared himself to Kennedy, Truman, Reagan, Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. We have been stuck with the “health” bill that his administrator says, “must, must” limit health care for seniors.

He killed the Keystone pipeline, which would have eased the oil crunch; he has constantly bashed the Republicans who oppose him because of his radical agenda; and he has promoted class warfare by dividing the classes by income level. The Solyndra scandal was just one of the times he has cost us by playing favorites.

He has stated openly that he wants a “redistribution of wealth” and he signed an executive order giving him absolute control over all natural resources (energy, food, water, transportation, production).

When the debt ceiling battle was hot, he didn’t threaten to cut off funds for foreign aid, welfare, Congress salaries or illegal aliens. No, he threatened Social Security and military recipients. 

There is so much more. I haven’t even mentioned the huge deficit that he refuses to do anything about.

But, I think that if Mr. Powell is a thinking man, he can readily see that the country just can’t possibly afford or survive four more years of this man.

Jerre Snider
Waynesboro, Pa.

Kudos to Chick-fil-A owner for his moral example

To the editor:

In defense of Mr. Cathy at Chick-fil-A, you are a true believer — as was Abraham, David, Job, Noah and so on. Please keep standing up for what is right. You have set an example for others with your good morals. Keep up the good work. May God bless you.

To the rest of the world, mere words will not change a person’s mind, once it has been taken over by darkness, as each person thinks their own way is right. I’m not your judge, only God is, but don’t cram your dark beliefs down my lighted path.

Is it right to murder? Is it right to steal, lie and cheat? Is it right to commit adultery? Is it right to be mean to your parents?

This partial list came out of the Bible that God created for us — these are a few things I’d think 95 percent of this entire world doesn’t think is right to do.

So what about homosexuality? Is it right? The Bible calls it an abomination and unnatural. When people become futile in their thoughts, their hearts begin to darken. Read Romans 1:26-28, Leviticus 18:22, Corinthians 6:9-11, Genesis 19; Galatians 5:19-21, Ephesians 5:3-5.

My God is a powerful and loving God. When we die (and we all will), we will live again and God wants us to live with him, but we cannot if we don’t obey him. If you enjoy the company of murderers, thieves, liars, cheats, child molesters, you will end up living with them for eternity in hell, where there’s no turning back once you get there.

Commit your lives to Christ while you can; you can’t afford to put if off. This is a decision your afterlife depends on. Come into the loving arms of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Come into the light.

Emmanuel Godlove

Aging Biden needs to step down from vice presidency

To the editor:

Incredibly, there have been seven vice presidents who have passed away while trying to serve the United States. Their  average age at death was 64 years old.

Let’s look at the current vice president, “Shackles & Chains” Joe Biden, who during the span of 1963 to 1968 received five student deferments and who used teenage asthma as a means of allowing Selective Service to classify him as “not available for service.”

Prior to being a running mate, he had two brain surguries, one to correct an “intracranial berry aneuryism” that at the time was leaking. A follow-up surgery attempted to correct a pulmonary embolism and a weakening of the vessel wall within the skull. His current health is questionable to say the least.

If re-elected in November, Biden would be about 74 years old leading into the campaign for the presidency in 2016. This age bracket would hardly allow him to be able to relate to a younger generation who will then be voting for the first time; therefore, he would be a non-candidate in 2016. If he reaches  74 by 2016, this milestone will be 10 years over and above the average age of the former vice presidents who passed away before finishing their term.

In contrast, Paul Ryan is a physical specimen who works out in a routine that has caught the imaginations of the current younger set. What is Biden’s physical workout routine and why has it remained such a big secret? A recent report has indicated that there is very little fat on Ryan’s body.

It is time for Biden to gingerly step down from his perch and allow so many other younger prospects to step in. Perhaps he would like to return to his native Scranton, Pa., bearing in mind that Pennsylvania colleges and universities were not good enough for him to attend, both undergraduate and law school. Or maybe he would like to settle down at his favorite beach in Delaware.

The recent “Shackles & Chains” speech he delivered is proof that he has lacked for almost an eternity an ability to provide creative substance, sustenance and nourishment to the very people who elected him into higher office. But Ryan, having borrowed the objectivist philosophy from the great Ayn Rand,  is rough and ready to put the mathematical facts on the board — not to titter cowardly away from objective reality.

Good luck, Joe, and farewell. Exit the old and enter the young.

John Longanecker
Aspers, Pa.

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