County horse council holds jumper show

August 22, 2012
  • Allyson Rice of Knoxville, Md., negotiates a jump on her horse Envious at the Washington County Horse Council Jumper Show Aug. 16 at the Washington County Agricultural Education Center.
Photo courtesy of Lilli Sutton

The final scheduled Jumper Show Night of the Washington County Horse Council  season literally got off the ground Aug. 16. 

The event was enhanced by extra awards provided in some divisions through the Thoroughbred Incentive Program. The program, sponsored by the Jockey Club, promotes the use of thoroughbreds in many disciplines outside of racing. 

“We are excited that we were selected to participate in TIP.” said Lori Bellerive, a horse council board member. 

So with prize money waiting, the excitement of the night was at an all-time high.

Although the event drew riders came from as far away as Baltimore and Warrenton, Va., the riders from the Washington County area showed they have what it takes to ride with the best in the region. 

Winners in the 2-foot jump division were Allyson Rice and Emilee Panunzi, both of Knoxville, Md.

The $100 TIP award for the top thoroughbred was given to Rice in a head-to-head tie for points against Panunzi. The tie was broken by using the combined total time for all classes in the division.


“It’s exciting when we have so many outstanding riders that competition is this tight,” said LeAnn Johnson, horse council jumper committee chairwoman. 

The two riders were also neck-and-neck in the 2-foot-6-inch TIP division, with less than a half of a second difference between the rides over a course of 11 jumps that took nearly two minutes to negotiate.

Winners of the 2-foot-3-inch and 2-foot-6-inch divisions were Rachel Carr of Westminster, Md., and Alexander Fulton of Sykesville, Md. 

Due to fading daylight, the final divisions of the night were canceled, but the horse council hopes to be able to add an additional event this fall to give jumpers one more chance to compete against each other and for those with thoroughbreds to try again for TIP prize money. 

If you have a horse and like to jump, keep your eye on the horse council’s webpage for information about this potential event, as well as to learn about the other horse events that are coming up at the Washington County Agricultural Education Center.

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