Letter to the Editor - Aug. 21

August 21, 2012

November 2012 is decision time

To the editor:

Another crowning achievement for a socialistic state, a nationwide electrical power outage for several days affecting 600 million people (twice that of the United States), occurred in July.

The power is controlled by a government entity as well as the coal mining that feeds the generators of electricity. The utility is losing money due to the inability through regulation to raise prices. Twenty percent of the electricity generated is said to be stolen. The industry is nearly bankrupt. Coal that contributes to more than half of the power is also run by an inefficient government giant that cannot expand mining due to environmental concerns.

Take heed to this story, America. It could be happening here in the future as we drift toward the same central government,  not in India where it was reality.

So many of us think that our use of Social Security is our use of socialistic principles. Likewise, the use of food stamps and other giveaways also qualify. The extension of government control like health care is rushing America into a socialist society, where Washington is the country’s driver of all activity.

November 2012 is indeed decision time for all of us.

Ned A. Garrett

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