Letter to the Editor - Aug. 20

August 20, 2012

State, MVA unfair to grieving family members

To the editor:

Reading the papers the last few weeks has made me sick on my stomach.

There was an article about a lady who just lost her husband and, while grieving, got a notice to turn in tags or immediately pay $110 to remove her husband’s name off car title, etc.

I believe a vehicle jointly owned should be considered owned by both. If both have handicapped placards or tags, the tags shouldn’t even have to be changed.

I think what was done to this woman and to many others is outrageous — that couples have to pay double for what has already been paid.

It seems the governor, elected officials and Motor Vehicle Administration have no sympathy or morals whatsoever.

Many of these people are on a fixed income or Social Security, where when one dies they lose income. They are barely holding on to their homes, buying food and medications.

I believe Gov. O’Malley and our representatives should look into and change this so it is more fair.

I believe Maryland’s motto is “Tax and fee the people to death and then tax and fee them for dying.” I believe the only ones who should profit from death are undertakers and funeral homes.

Don Hutson

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