Commission on Aging offers volunteer opportunities in Washington County schools

August 19, 2012
  • Nancy Patterson works with a student at Rockland Woods Elementary School during the summer.
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Nancy Patterson is a school volunteer.

Patterson is a retired teacher with vast experience in ways of educating young students. She is a volunteer with the Commission on Aging’s Intergenerational Program and is tutoring at Rockland Woods’ literacy program for second-graders this summer.

Patterson plans to continue tutoring when school begins in the fall.

Patterson has a master’s degree in education and has been teaching for more than 25 years. Her focus has been in special education and includes work with visually impaired students. She is an animal enthusiast, too. She lives in Hagerstown.

You can become a volunteer, too. A background in education is not required. Your gift of time can make a big difference to a neighborhood youngster.

“Things could not be better,” Patterson said. “The teachers are great to work with and I love the kids. The students have quickly taken to me and greet me as if I’m the lost grandma. It is a very nice program for the students and they seem to be getting a lot out of the summer session. I am rotating with students from different teachers; whoever needs a bit of extra help. The students are getting to know me and want to know when I’m coming back again. Lots of fun for me, and the staff are so dedicated to helping the students catch up, in a happy and fun way. It is also very nice that the school is so close to where I live.”

You can call for an appointment to become a school volunteer. Men and women are valuable as role models for all ages of students.

The program is made possible by a grant from the Community Foundation of Washington County Inc.

For more information, go to the Washington County Commission on Aging, 140 W. Franklin St., fourth floor, in Hagerstown; or call 301-790-0275, ext. 230, for Charlotte; or ext. 256 for Beth.

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