Letters to the Editor - Aug. 10

August 10, 2012

Leave Hancock library in the park

To the editor:

I think the Hancock Library should be in the park. The park offers a quiet atmosphere where families can enjoy time away from the downtown traffic and congestion. Hancock is a historic town that should be revitalized, but it should be done in a way to showcase the history of the area, as many small towns have done. The old buildings are an asset to the town.

Many businesses have moved out of town, so why would the library want to build a modern structure in a town where the businesses no longer exist? The Dollar Store, State Farm, the pharmacy, Pittman’s, to name a few, have all moved further from the center of town.

A library in town will not bring the business back to Hancock. The park is not that far from the center of town, and is also within the town limits. Why would the town even consider putting the library in the “downtown” location and tearing down buildings that are still usable, plus the existing library, therefore costing much more, when the park location is available with only the existing library to tear down. Also, parking is not a problem in the park.

I have listened to many of the citizens’ concerns, and it seems to me that the majority would like to keep the library in the park.

Hancock is a unique town located in the Tri-State area and many of the patrons of the library have to travel a little distance to get there. The park offers a destination where people can relax and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area. Many parks house building where the public can enjoy displays, exhibits, lectures, art and history. The library in the park would be the ideal place to have those kinds of cultural events. Many of Hancock’s festivals take place in the park where the library is available to all the participants and visitors.

Being a teacher of young children for 38 years, I have gone on many, many field trips. The library holds a wealth of information for students. The Hancock Library field trip was a real treat as we could also study nature as we read about it, and even extend our stories and activities to the great outdoors. It is also a quiet location which is relaxing and refreshing.

Jeanne  L. Ward
Warfordsburg, Pa.

Flag was properly lowered after shooting

To the editor:

I would like to thank Curtis Mullenix, president of the board of directors of Summerland Manor Condo Association, for lowering our flag to half staff at the entrance to our gated community off Security Road.

This was such a tragic happening in Colorado and we, who are so far away, can do our part by showing respect in lowering our flag as directed by President Obama. Thank you Curtis!

Charlotte S. Eichelberger

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