Former pizza shop on Hagerstown's Public Square to become shoe store

August 09, 2012|By CALEB CALHOUN |
  • The former Rocky's Pizza building now will be Jocelyns' Closet.
By Ric Dugan/Staff Photographer

Three sisters are poised to open a shoe store in the building that formerly housed a pizza shop on Hagerstown’s Public Square.

Jocelyns’ Closet will sell shoes for men, women and children at the 1 N. Potomac St. store, which will open when renovations are complete, according to Rose Jocelyn, co-owner of the business.

“We believe that Hagerstown is a great opportunity for us,” Jocelyn said. “It is a great city, and we believe this is going to be successful.”

Jocelyn, 32, will run the store with her sisters, Esther, 30, and Ruth, 17. All three have lived in Hagerstown since December 2008.

“As the city is progressing, we’d like to be a part of it,” Jocelyn said. “We love the square. It’s a beautiful location.”

In addition to shoes, the store will offer accessories such as scarves and watches. Although merchandise will not fill the store until renovations are complete, letters spell out “Jocelyns’ Closet” on the side of the building facing the square and on the side facing North Potomac Street.

Ruth Jocelyn, the interior designer for the store, said the sisters plan to sell shoes that are not found in the area, and the idea came because they all have worn shoes that have captured the interest of local residents. 

“As we are walking around, people always ask us where we get our shoes,” she said. “They tell me there is nowhere near here they can get shoes like ours. They have to go somewhere like Baltimore.”

Jocelyn said although the sisters are starting out selling shoes and accessories, they hope to eventually expand.

“We’d like to expand into clothing, and as it progresses, we hope to open a chain across the East Coast,” she said. “We are targeting fashion you wouldn’t normally see on the street.”

Jocelyn said she eventually would like to have her own clothing line.

The deposit to rent the property was placed at the end of April. The building has been empty since it was gutted by a fire Aug. 31, 2008, according to published reports.

Rocky’s University New York Pizza occupied the building at the time of the fire, a location it had been in since 1968. It since has moved to 40 N. Potomac St., where it reopened Aug. 17, 2009, nearly a year after the fire.

Jocelyns’ Closet will be open Monday through Friday and closed on the weekend, but the exact hours of operation have not been determined, Jocelyn said.

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