Washington County Ag Expo and Fair results

August 02, 2012

Fashion review

Sr. Champion ready to wear: Janai Heise
Jr. Champion ready to wear: Ariona Heise
Sr. Champion constructed: Janai Heise
Jr.  Champion constructed: Abbigail Cartwright

English horse show

Showmanship champion junior: Erica Smedley
Champion senior: Mariah Chapelle
Champion conformation pony: Maddie Joyner
Champion conformation mare: Carly Klansek
Champion conformation gelding: Taylor Gigeous

Western horse show

Showmanship champion junior: Sophia Bartell
Champion senior:  Kiley Slimmer
Champion conformation pony: Danielle Gregory
Champion conformation mare: Kiley Slimmer
Champion conformation gelding: Kiley Slimmer

Booths and banners

Champion booth exhibit: Sunlight Club
Reserve champion booth exhibit: Saddles & Spurs
Champion banner:  Dairy Goat Club

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