Washington County liquor officials deny Shaool's request for liquor license transfer

August 01, 2012|By DAN DEARTH |

Washington County liquor officials on Wednesday voted 3-0 to deny a local developer’s request for a liquor license transfer.

Adam Shaool, of Washco Developments Inc., applied for the license that was held by the former Landing Restaurant at 710 Dual Highway in Hagerstown.

He told the Board of License Commissioners for Washington County during a hearing Wednesday that he wanted to transfer the license to a site that was under construction at 93 Eastern Blvd.

Shaool did not say what type of business he intended to open at the property, but said it had been zoned for a number of uses, including a bank, liquor store and restaurant.


“It has multi, multi, multi uses that it is approved for,” Shaool said.

More than a dozen residents attended the hearing to oppose the transfer. Many of them were the owners of liquor stores in Washington County.

Don Fitz, co-owner of Roxy Liquors at 761 E. Wilson Blvd. in Hagerstown, said he believed the area already had enough liquor stores to serve the population.

“The biggest concern I have would be the need for another liquor store and the impact on other stores around it,” he said.

Others said they believed that Shaool’s intentions weren’t clear.

Shaool applied for a Class B license, which allows the holder to sell alcohol for carry out and on-site consumption.

Travis Sarno, a representative of the Wooden Keg liquor store at 20219 Jefferson Blvd., said he believed that Shaool wanted the license to open a liquor store.

“I still haven’t heard the stated intention yet ... If he was trying to put in a restaurant specifically, my guess is that he would not be trying to waste his time trying to transfer a license. He would be applying for an on-sale only license,” Sarno said.

Restaurant liquor licenses, or Class Ps, forbid carry-out sales.

Charles Mades, liquor board treasurer, said Shaool failed to give an adequate reason to transfer the license.

“To me personally, the public interest is best served at this point,” Mades said. “I see no reason to carry it any further.”

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