Ag Expo and Fair Results - Aug. 2

August 01, 2012
  • Justin Martin of Smithsburg had to persuade his Hereford heifer, Ms America, out of the main show ring July 24 after the 4-H/FFA Beef Cattle Showmanship event during the Washington County Ag Expo and Fair.
By Joe Crocetta/Staff Photographer

4-H poultry show
Best of Breed Grand Champion: Braxton Griffith
Best of Breed Reserve Champion: Skyler Slimmer
Best Layer Grand Champion: Braxton Griffith
Best Layer Reserve Champion: Skyler Slimmer

4-H dairy goat show
Showmanship Champion: Caleb Froelich
Alpine Jr. Champion: Carly Bird
Alpine Jr. Reserve Champion: Noah Britt
Alpine Sr. Champion: Magdalene Green
Alpine Sr. Reserve Champion: Hannah Britt
LaMancha Champion: Magdalene Green
Nubian Jr. Champion: Edey McDougal
Nubian Jr. Reserve Champion: Edey McDougal
Oberhasli Jr. Champion: Addison Snyder
Saanen Jr. Champion: Kaitlyn Corbett
Toggenberg Jr. & Sr. Champion: Caleb Froelich
Toggenberg Jr. & Sr. Reserve Champion: Rose Froelich
Best Jr. Doe in Show: Addison Snyder

4-H meat goat show
Champion Dairy Breed: Hannah Britt
Reserve Champion Dairy Breed: Nathan Britt
Champion Meat Breed: Kaitlyn Corbett
Reserve Champion Meat Breed: Sydney Pryor
Showmanship Champion: Kaitlyn Corbett

4-H dog show
Grand Champion: Lilli Sutton
Reserve Champion: Catie Sprankle
Grand Champion: Lilli Sutton
Reserve Champion: Rachael Higdon
Grand Champion: Lilli Sutton
Reserve Champion: Catie Sprankle

4-H beef heifer show results
Champion Angus: Shane Heizer
Reserve Champion Angus: Shane Heizer
Champion Hereford: Tiffany Bowman
Reserve Champion Hereford: Levi Leizear
Champion Shorthorn: Ashley Wiles
Reserve Champion Shorthorn: Ashley Wiles
Champion Simmental: Hollis Gigeous
Reserve Champion Simmental: McCall Griffith
Champion Commercial Heifer: McCall Griffith
Reserve Champion Commercial Heifer: Kiley Slimmer
Supreme 4-H Heifer: Shane Heizer
Reserve Supreme Heifer: Hollis Gigeous

Longhorn show
Champion Cow: Lucas Barnhart
Reserve Champion Cow: Randy Sutton
Champion Bull: Randy Sutton
Reserve Champion Bull: Justin Moxley
Champion Steer: Renee Shifflett
Reserve Champion Steer: Lizz Huntzberry

4-H market lamb
Champion Rate of Gain: Shane Heizer
Grand Champion Market Lamb: Kaitlyn Corbett
Reserve Champion Market Lamb: Carly Shaw
Champion Pair: Kelsey Yetter
Reserve Champion Pair: Laura Miller
Champion Shepherd: Kaitlyn Corbett
Reserve Champion Shepherd: Tyler Poffenberger

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