Letter to the Editor - July 30

July 30, 2012

Commissioners made right choice on rail trail

To the editor:

Thank you to the Washington County Commissioners for their decision to not support the Civil War Rail Trail at this time.

In this time of no money for anything, would anyone want this project to go forward?

When there are no homeless people, no hungry people, no unemployed people, no under-educated children, all infrastructure is up to safe standards, then it will be time to look at this trail.

How can anyone hike or bike a trail knowing that all of these conditions exist?  

I know supporters will say that hiking and biking is for health reasons not for fun reasons. But then what is the reason for homeless people, hungry people, unemployed people, under-educated children, etc.?

Some supporters say that they will, or that they have, helped the homeless, the hungry, the unemployed, so they should have this trail.  

Apparently not enough because it is much worse then ever.

Fix what is broken before you make more problems.

Linda Lee Smith

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