Mail Call - July 30

July 29, 2012

“Living in Chewsville has almost become a nightmare. At least once a week, and sometimes more often, we are awakened in the middle of the night by people arguing and cursing and probably drinking. It is really starting to grow old fast. Doesn’t anyone have any respect for other people anymore? Most normal people are sleeping at night, unless they happen to be working. That certainly can’t be the case here. We can hear this noise from about half a block away, so it makes you wonder how the people nearby can put up with it. If it continues, the law will become involved. I wish, if the police had time, they would patrol this area regularly.”

— Chewsville

“It’s well past time to stand up and demand politicians to get the violence out of TV programs, movies, and take away about half the guns in this country. It’s time to get serious and tough. How much crying do we have to do before we get serious about the violence? I for one am angry.”


— Greencastle, Pa.

“Punishing an entire university for a few people’s actions is uncalled for. The players whose wins got taken away didn’t commit any crimes. ...  Not all of Penn State did this. They didn’t cover anything up. A few sick people did, and they’re the ones who need to be punished.”

— Hagerstown

“I heard that Congress wants to cut all these programs to save money for children’s education and the children’s lunch program in schools and whatever, but I never hear them say a word about wanting to cut the money that they send overseas, these foreign countries, billions of dollars. So I think they ought to cut that, and take care of our own.”

— Hagerstown

“The Herald-Mail, Monday, July 23, 2012, comic strip, ‘Fred Basset’: Just wanted to say to that cute little basset hound, happy birthday, Fred.”

— Hagerstown

“I read Mail Call every day, and I’ve come to the conclusion that a half of our country hates the other half, Democrat versus Republican. I’m Republican, but I vote for whom I think is best. For those who hate big business because they think they’re crooked, think about big government, and the taxpayers pay for that. There are just as many so-called rich people on both sides of the aisle, and just as many hide their money in offshore accounts. And for people who can’t find their way to get a voting card, maybe it could be done at Social Services.”

— Hancock

“Dear irresponsible pet owners: Please do not drop your pets off at the end of driveways after you are done with them, when they are no longer cute, small and fuzzy. Please take them to a shelter and donate the money yourself, and supplies, as I do, after I catch your sad, scared pet. We had a black cat dropped off in Falling Waters, W.Va., and it ran from everyone, crying, looking for its owner.”

— Falling Waters, W.Va.

“Thanks to the Brennan family and The Herald-Mail, I am now wiser. I have a living will, as does my husband, but apparently that is not enough to ensure that our end-of-life wishes will be carried out. Now I read that we also need EMS directive forms, which, as pre-planners, we knew nothing about. We are going to revamp our end-of-life wishes once again, but I am beginning to wonder if it will come a time when all of us will need a lawyer at our bedside when our time here is coming to its end. Thank you, Brennan family, for educating us on this all-important matter.”

— Clear Spring

“I was at the ag center on Sunday to watch the garden tractor pull. The people let their children loose. One little child ran up and down the place about four or five times. I finally had to say something, at that’s running up and down where people were sitting ... about an hour and a half, here comes another girl, stomping from one seat to the other.”

— Charles Town, W.Va.

“This is to the caller from Halfway who will not vote for Mitt Romney, who has money overseas. Fox News has uncovered that President Obama and five of his top White House staff, such as Jay Carney, and Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, also have money invested in overseas accounts. You need to watch Fox News, for the whole truth from this incompetent president who is destroying America. Looks like you won’t be voting in November.”

— Waynesboro, Pa.

“This is on the Penn State scandal. I don’t think it’s right that they give them a four-year sanction and take away all the wins. I grant you, Paterno was a knucklehead sometimes, but the kids who played on that field had nothing to do with this. ... The sanctions are wrong.”

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