Washington County Ag Expo & Fair results

July 25, 2012

Open Class Home Arts and Agricultural Products
Field products

Grand champion field products — Daniel Smith
Champion corn —  Timmy Martin   
Champion hay — Michael Forsythe
Honey — Daniel Smith

Fresh fruits
Grand champion fresh fruits — John Martin
Champion apple — Chris Forsythe
Champion peach and nectarine — John Martin

Garden products
Grand champion garden products — Chris Forsythe
Champion fresh vegetables — Chris Forsythe
Champion garden display — Chris Forsythe
Champion nuts and seeds — Richard Helfrich

Grand champion horticulture — Joanna Calimer
Champion cut flowers —  Joanna Calimer
Champion potted plants — Joanna Calimer
Champion herbs — Jeannette Leadingham

Food preservation
Grand champion food preservation — Cheryl Smith
Champion canned fruits — Janet Rohrer
Champion canned vegetables — Janet Rohrer
Champion soft spreads — Janet Rohrer
Champion pickles, relishes, salsas — Cheryl Smith
Champion dried and miscellaneous foods — Jeanette Leadingham   

Baked goods and candies
Grand champion baked goods and candies — Janet Rohrer
Champion quick breads — adult — Devon Ketrow
Champion quick breads — youth — Teri Keller
Champion yeast breads — adult — Cheryl Smith
Champion cakes —  adult — Devon Ketrow
Champion cakes — youth — Allison Spaid
Champion pies — Janet Rohrer
Champion candies — adult — Cheryl Smith
Champion candies — youth — Teri Keller
Champion cookies — adult — Debra Doyle
Champion cookies — youth — Teri Keller

Grand champion sewing — Cheryl Smith
Champion sewing — adult garments —  Cheryl Smith
Champion home furnishings construction — Leslie Hart

Grand champion needlework — Jean Poole
Champion crocheting — Barbara Diefenderfer
Champion knitting — Patricia Riggle
Champion quilting — Jean Poole
Champion counted Cross Stitch — Cheryl Smith
Champion other stitchery — Dawn Richardson

Grand champion weaving — Barbara Diefenderfer
Champion hand weaving — Barbara Diefenderfer

Grand champion crafts — Sydni Wilson
Champion crafts — youth — Sydni Wilson
Champion decorative painting — Edward Bird
Champion memory books — Julie Cade
Champion stuffed toys, dolls, bears — Leslie Hart
Champion holiday craft — Nancy Ream
Champion other crafts — Hannah Leizear

Grand champion woodworking — Richard Helfrich
Champion woodworking — Youth — Frankie Pellegrino
Champion woodworking — Adult — Richard Helfrich

Grand champion art — Kiersten Mikulsky
Champion art — amateur — Rachael Birky
Champion art — youth 9-13 — Mason Parker
Champion art — youth 14-18 — Kiersten Mikulsky

Grand champion photography — Rachael Birky
Champion black and white — youth — Allison Spaid
Champion black and white — adult — Marie Ebersole
Champion color — youth — Rachael Birky
Champion color — adult — David Iseminger


Exhibits by adults with special needs
Grand champion by adults with special needs — John Nichols
Champion art, photography, crafts — John Nichols
Junior 4-H Arts, Crafts and Hobbies Champions
Paintings — Skyler Slimmer
Drawings — Taylor Dorsey
Hobbies — Abby McDougal
Ceramics — Laura Miller
Craft kits — Noah Iager
Paper crafts — Andrew Miller
Woodworking — Hope Ward
Wall hanging — Taylor Dorsey
Metal craft — Skyler Slimmer
Recyclable — Abby McDougal
Candle making — Abbigail Cartwright
Tie dye — Mackenzy Crawford
Holiday craft — Skyler Slimmer
String art-macramé weaving — Sarah Waltz
Nature craft — Noah Iager
Fabric painting — Taylor Dorsey
Stenciling — Taylor Dorsey
Collections — Addison Snyder
Hobby — Noah Iager
Scrapbook/memory book — Noah Iager
Jewelry making — Sklyer Slimmer
Needlework — Mackenzy Crawford
Self-determined — Noah Iager
Grand champion — Hope Ward
Reserve champion — Noah Iager

Junior Photography Champions
Black and white landscape — Ariona Heise
Color plants or flower  — Ariona Heise
Animals and birds — Abby McDougal
People — Abbigail Cartwright
Building — Madelynn Joyer
Promotional 4-H activity — Ariona Heise
People — Abby McDougal
Landscape  — Abbigail Cartwright
Sequence — Hope Ward
Other — Madelynn Joyner
Building — Ariona Heise
Animal or birds — Abbigail Cartwright
Other — Ariona Heise
Plants or flowers — Ariona Heise

Preserves champions
Raspberry jam —  Sarah Scrivener — junior and grand champion

Washington County Ag Expo and Fair is going on this week at Washington County Agricultural Education Center off Sharpsburg Pike, seven miles south of Hagerstown.

The annual event features a variety of events for those of all ages. It will be held through Saturday. The cost to enter varies by day.

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