Washington County Ag Expo & Fair results

July 24, 2012

4-H Home Arts Grand Champions
Indoor gardening — Skyla Heise
Vegetable gardening — Andrew Miller
Science — Lilli Sutton
Health and safety — Skyla Heise
Small pets — Abby McDougal
Alpaca — Abigail Roberts
Junior crafts — Hope Ward
Intermediate crafts — Sophia Bartell
Senior crafts — Carly Bird
Clothing junior — Ariona Heise
Clothing intermediate — Skyla Heise
Clothing senior — Crystal Welling
Canning — Sarah Scrivner
Junior photo — Ariona Heise
Intermediate photo — Ocoee Chapelle
Senior photo — Janai Heise

Senior Photography Champions
Color, people — Devyn Bellerive
Color, animal — Megan Leisinger
Color, other — Grace Grab
Color, plant — Sarah Scrivener
Black and white, people — Julia Eckstine
Black and white, animal — Janai Heise
Grand champion
Black and white, animal — Janai Heise
Reserve champion
Senior color, other — Grace Grab

Senior 4-H Arts, Crafts and Hobbies Champions
Paintings — Carly Bird
Drawings — Danielle Midget
Arrangement handmade flowers — Janai Heise
Ceramics — Danielle Midget
Craft kits — Taylor Gigeous
Paper crafts — Julia Eckstine
Woodworking — Sarah Scrivener
Decoupage — Taylor Gigeous
Wall hanging — Megan Leisinger
Metal craft — Hannah Reed
Recyclable — Rose Froelich   
Tie dye — Danielle Midget
Holiday craft — Janai Heise
String art-macramé weaving — Janai Heise
Nature craft — Megan Leisinger
Stenciling — Catie Sprankle
Stamp art — Danielle Midget
Collections — Catie Sprankle
Hobby — Catie Sprankle
Scrapbook/memory book — Hannah Reed
Jewelry making — Julia Eckstine
Needlework — Janai Heise
Self-determined     — Lilli Sutton
Grand champion
Paintings — Carly Bird
Reserve champion
Drawings — Danielle Midget

Alpaca Champions
Grand champion
Huacaya fleece — Abigail Roberts
Reserve champion
Wet felted crafts — Morgan Thompson

Intermediate 4-H Arts, Crafts and Hobbies Champions
Paintings — Skyla Heise
Drawings — Skyla Heise
Arrangement handmade flowers — Bethany Dopple
Ceramics — Elizabeth Rohr
Craft kits — Elaine Scrivener
Paper crafts — Morgan Thompson
Woodworking — Skyla Heise
Decoupage — Morgan Thompson
Wall hanging — Caleb Froelich
Metal craft — Skyla Heise
Recyclable — Elizabeth Rohr
Tie dye — Elizabeth Rohr
Holiday craft — Bethany Dopple
String art-macramé weaving — Caleb McDougal
Nature craft — Jacob Miller
Fabric painting — Danielle Gregory
Stenciling — Rowan Chapelle
Collections — Sophia Bartell
Hobby — Lillian Johnson
Scrapbook/memory book — Sophia Bartell
Jewelry making — Sophia Bartell
Self-determined — Danielle Gregory
Grand champion
Scrapbook/memory book — Sophia Bartell

Intermediate Photography Champions
Black and white, landscape — Skyla Heise
Black and white, people — Skyla Heise
Black and white, animal — Carly Klansek
Black and white, 4-H promo — Carly Klansek
Black and white, other — Chloe Bellerive
Black and white, plant — Chloe Bellerive
Color, building — Morgan Thompson
Color, landscape — Skyla Heise
Color, animal — Sklya Heise
Color, other — Morgan Thompson
Color plants — Chloe Bellerive
Color, sequence — Ocoee Chapelle
Grand champion
Color, sequence — Ocoee Chapelle
Reserve champion
Black and white, people — Skyla Heise

4-H Garden and Field Champions
Cucumbers — Taylor Dorsey
Onions, yellow — Andrew Miller
Peppers — Katelyn Stoy
Potatoes — Mark Johnson
Squash — Andrew Miller
Sunflower — Nathan Johnson
Green tomatoes — Elizabeth Rohr
Cherry tomatoes — Megan Mikulsky
Unusual vegetable — Nathan Johnson
Watermelon — Megan Mikulsky
Mint —Taylor Gigeous
Vegetable garden display — Jacob Miller
Other vegetable — Nathan Johnson
Eggs — Braxton Griffith
Grand champion
Andrew Miller — squash

4-H Indoor Gardening Champions
Indoor house plant — Elizabeth Rohr
Indoor garden — Abby McDougal
Dried flower arrangement — Skyla Heise
Purchased flower wreath — Janai Heise
Perennial flowers — Caleb McDougal
Terrarium, cactus — Carly Klansek
Grand champion
Skyla Heise — dried flower arrangement
Reserve champion
Elizabeth Rohr — indoor garden house plant

4-H Champions
Grand champion Small Pets
Abby McDougal
Grand champion health and safety
Andrew Miller
Reserve champion health and safety
Skyla Heise
Grand champion sciences
Lilli Sutton

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