Letter to the Editor - July 21

July 21, 2012

Money will be downfall of Obamacare

To the editor:

Douglas Becker might be a good doctor, but I question his knowledge of economics and the political process. His letter of July 8 tells us all the marvels of Obamacare to convince us we will be better off — that is, all the marvels President Obama and the Democrats want us to know about, like insuring more people.

All these things cost money. One way of making up the money is to cut the reimbursements doctors get for treating Medicare patients. Already some doctors have stopped accepting Medicare patients, and many more plan to leave the practice of medicine entirely.

Some would no doubt say they are greedy. But the fact is that the fees will be so low, they often won’t cover the costs of providing the service. Would you continue in a job that cost you money rather than earned you money?

So everyone will have coverage, theoretically. But the doctors won’t be there to provide it. How will Obamacare look then? And when there are not enough providers, the obvious next step is rationing.

The other way Obamacare will be financed is through taxes — not just on that rich man over there, but on everybody — on you. The law adds 17 new taxes at a cost of $502 billion for the first 10 years.

Do you like your employer coverage? Obamacare creates financial incentives for employers to drop their coverage. It’s estimated that 35 million people will lose their coverage. Then they will have to go to a government exchange and pay for health insurance that is worse than what they were getting.

There’s a lot more disaster in Obamacare, but I want to discuss Becker’s idea that the health insurance industry has exploited everybody with their lobbying dollars, so we need government to take over. The fact is that the health insurance industry and the drug industry were the biggest supporters of the law (in other words, lobbyists). Why? Well, it provides 30 million new customers for the insurance companies. And the drug companies got themselves a deal whereby brand-name drugs will be used, not generics. It’s part and parcel of the cronyism that the Obama administration practices as its mode of governing.

Speaking of lobbying, every group representing any kind of medical practice is busy trying to get its specialty included in the basic government insurance that people will be mandated to have. You think insurance is expensive now? Just wait until it’s “free.”

Then Becker claims the opponents don’t have any ideas for how to replace Obamacare. Yes, if you take your talking points from the Democratic party you would think that. Actually there are a number of plans that would accomplish the same goals without destroying high-quality medical care or rationing the care you can receive.  Google “replace obamacare national affairs” and you will find an article that describes one plan. It’s not based on slogans, but on facts and good principles. Dr. Becker, if you’ve read the 2,700 pages of the ObamaCare bill, surely you can read a few pages to learn about a sensible alternative.

Judy K. Warner

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