Mail Call - July 20

July 20, 2012

“This is a message for Skip, the mayor of Boonsboro, and just the town overall, for having a great show Saturday, the Country Current band, the Navy band. They did a great show, and another great job for Boonsboro. Thanks a lot.”

— Washington County

“I just think these people that don’t like seeing the blue recycling bins sitting in front of other people’s homes are just jealous. If they would move into the city, they could get one, too, and then they’d have one to recycle all their junk in.”

 — Hagerstown

“At the corner of Washington Avenue and Prospect Street, there’s a big white elephant. The sign there says, ‘Coming soon, renaissance center.’ That’s been about three years now. How many more years?”

— Hagerstown

“President Obama has probably spent more time on vacation and running for re-election than any other president. Well, thank God for that because he helped the deficit grow by over $5 trillion. If he’d have spent more time in the White House, it’d have probably doubled. So thank you for staying on the road.”

— Williamsport

“Maryland spends millions on solar power, light bulbs and old refrigerators, while obstructing plentiful natural gas and coal. What next? A desalinization plant at Deep Creek Lake?”

— Keedysville

“Thank you very much for printing George Michael’s editorial on Mr. Obama’s blame game (Herald-Mail, July 14, 2012). At last, an honest and concise editorial explaining our current economic situation. His editorial should be required reading for all voters, both legal and illegal.”

— Chambersburg, Pa.

“Williamsport caller, if the Annapolis gang can’t do their job in months, how will giving them 30 more days eliminate special sessions? That’s like giving addicts more drugs and alcohol, and also gives them an excuse to raise their salaries and benefits yet again. It would make more sense and save us taxpayers lots of money to abolish special sessions except for real emergencies, and limit the regular session to 30 days. Since they make the same decisions we knew they would make all along in the last 10 days or so of the session, they could just as easily do that in 30 days.”

— Frederick, Md.

“Hagerstown caller, you have a lot of nerve, accusing Pennsylvania Republicans of Jim Crow tactics, over demanding voter IDs. Don’t you realize that according to the Pew Hispanic Center, there are 12 million illegal aliens in this country? Do you want to give them the right to vote, and like President Obama, influence elections and government control for the next century? Or maybe, like your Gov. O’Malley and your Democratic cronies in Annapolis, give them tuition and other government assistance? Requiring voter ID only makes good common sense.”

— Waynesboro, Pa.

“In 1932, during the Great Depression, President Hoover slashed his own salary by 20 percent, and his cabinet members’ by 15 percent. Fast forward to 2012, and a similar economy. What are the odds that today’s leaders would even consider doing that?”

— Fulton County, Pa.

“I wonder how many of these people who open their pocketbooks for the need of the animals, open their hearts when Holly Place for the elderly calls for help.”

— Hagerstown

“I totally support the use of speed cameras in the school zones, and for that matter, I’d love to see Hagerstown install red light cameras. Now, the only drawback with the speed cameras is, once the people are out of that area, it’s dropping a green flag in a NASCAR race. Maybe that could be monitored a little bit, with the help from the city police, even though they have more important things to do than monitor these idiots who have to speed everywhere that they travel.”

— Hagerstown

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