Mail Call - July 19

July 18, 2012

“How do you tell a Romney voter from an Obama voter? Romney supporters sign their checks on the front. Obama supporters sign ’em on the back. This has been your political lesson for today.”
— Boonsboro

“Thanks to Mr. Herndon for his letter to Tom Wilhelm. I was so taken aback by the Wilhelm letter, I couldn’t draft my own reply. I am involved in the Micah’s Backpack program, and know what that means; what that means to the children, to get a meal.”
— South Hagerstown

“To the person from Williamsport who on Friday said the rich create jobs: Where are the jobs? Four years, no jobs. They spend their money on yachts and islands, and to fight anyone who wants them to pay their fair share. They also put their money in foreign banks, so they don’t have pay taxes in this country. And they send our jobs overseas, so they can make more money.”
— Smithsburg

“Mitt Romney campaign’s crying about President Obama’s ... wanting to hear about tax returns. Well, Mr. Romney, this is not running for mayor of Boston, Mass. This is running for president of the U.S. You have to be open. Now, if you don’t want to share your tax returns, then there’s a reason why. Put your big-boy pants on, man up, and tell us the reason why ... ‘I’d rather you not see them, because there’s some secretive things in there.’ That’s all you have to say.”
— Smithsburg

“What would you rather pay for, a trip to the doctor and a bottle of antibiotics, or a trip to the emergency room and perhaps inpatient care? That is essentially what is at the heart of the Affordable Care Act. The uninsured get sick, just like the rest of us. The difference is that we go to the doctor before the chest cold turns into a full-blown infection. The uninsured receive care; the question is whether they receive it when they first get sick, or when it gets so bad they end up in the ER. We all pay for it, one way or another. I would rather pay upfront when it’s relatively inexpensive. ... In the long run, the act will save us all money.”
— Fairfield, Pa.

“Obama says Romney is not qualified to run the country, yet he had no qualifications when he became president, and look what happened to the country under his term. I want to hear what is going to happen to this economy. All I hear is raise taxes on everything and take what money those with jobs have left, to get re-elected.”
— Hagerstown

“I thought Leonard Pitts’ tribute to Andy Griffith and Mayberry was touching, meaningful and true. To the right-wing ... who would have Mr. Pitts banned from this paper, I ask this. If it was you, Limbaugh and Pitts on this earth, and you could pick one companion for life, whom would you pick? Also assume that all people left are gray, including you. Would you want a well-rounded conversationalist with a good heart, or would you truly be willing to trash Obama for the rest of your life?”
— Huyetts

“If Gov. Romney gets elected president, he had better add one additional federal employee. A good window washer is needed, because right now we can’t see in the White House. Can’t get answers on Fast and Furious, can’t get answers on green loans, can’t get answers on security leaks. We need to see in. Where is the transparency we were promised?”
— Warfordsburg, Pa.

“I saw that story in the paper the other day about the Civil War cavalry battle that occurred in downtown Hagerstown, and figured that news would kill this stadium plan for sure. Hagerstown is hallowed ground.”
— Keedysville

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