Mail Call - July 18

July 18, 2012

“You don’t see very many polite teenagers anymore. I met one last night ... and his name is Colt, and he was with his mother. He was so polite to his mother, and also to me. So I’d like to say thank you, Colt, for being a good teenager.”

— Boonsboro

“To the caller who wonders why the police vehicles or ambulances park in the middle of the street there: They’re simply retaining the right-of-way. They park there so that they have the right-of-way, for their own use. They have the right-of-way over all other vehicles on the street.”

— State Line, Pa.

“This call is to the Williamsport caller who says if President Obama taxes the rich people more, they will hire less; it’s only normal. This caller is so wrong. Rich people will hire, no matter what, depending on demand for the products that they build or they sell. The middle class creates the jobs, by buying more products. ... Rich men might buy three cars each, or 10 cars each. Thousands and thousands of middle-class people buy thousands of cars, compared to the rich men who only buy hundreds of cars. When are you people going to ever understand, you vote against your interests?”

— Hagerstown

“Hagerstown caller, don’t you even know you can’t put an oil rig in your backyard, because of local zoning laws and city, state and county regulations and permits — which President Obama, thankfully, doesn’t control? And he can’t place private lands off-limits to drilling the way he’s done, and his future plan is even more restrictive, on vast, federally controlled and owned lands, including the Gulf, both coasts, and Anwar, and much more.”

— Frederick, Md.

“I’m in Rutland, Vt., right now, and the people seem like they’re getting smarter. They have a lot of Romney signs up. I just wish the liberals from Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia would get smart also, and start realizing what President Obama is doing to us.”

— Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

“This is for the people running for political positions in the upcoming elections. Do not call me with a sales pitch. You will lose my vote, and I’m pretty sure the majority of the people are with me. Do not call.”

— Hagerstown

“The two-year extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy did not help the economy in those two years. We need revenue. So let them expire for the wealthy. I hope President Obama will not give in to these House tea party representatives. They fooled him last time, saying the wealthy create jobs.”

— Williamsport

“You know, if you listen to President Obama and all his supporters, you’d think he was the greatest thing that ever came along for this country. Well, I’m smart enough to think for myself, and I happen to know otherwise. He’s probably the worst thing that could’ve come along for this country, and four more years of him is going to really, really fix us up in very bad shape. So I hope you people all realize who you’re voting for when you go to the polls.”

— Sharpsburg

“I keep hearing about this Yale Drive, going over toward Hagerstown Community College, through the technology park. What technology park? This technology park is another thing just like the stadium; ‘Build it and they will come.’ What a joke. And as far as the rail trail, well, Mr. Tim Rowland, why don’t you get out a little bit and look around? We have a rail trail already. It’s called the C&O Canal. Hagerstown and Washington County residents better wake up. Our politicians are lost, and so are our so-called journalists.”

— Hagerstown

“I’m calling about trying to get an address or telephone number for Sen. Barbara Mikulski. I’ve called city hall, and they have no one — they don’t have her number or her address, and they had Roscoe Bartlett. So hopefully someone out there will help me find this number, because I’m having problems with my SSI checks, and I want to see if she can help me. Hopefully you will print this.”

— North End

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