Mail Call - July 17

July 17, 2012

“As an animal lover, I think it’s great when the Humane Society of Washington County informs the community that it is in need of supplies. It gives all of us a chance to open our hearts and give to the animals in need at our local shelter.”

— Clear Spring

“I’m calling about the bridge work that is being done on Resley Road in Hancock, and I think the county commissioners had better take a clearer look at the dangerous spot that bridge is going to be in. It’s in a deep hollow, and hills on both sides. It’s a dangerous road, and I think they ought to have that section closed off.”

— Hancock

“Since I have been on earth, the U.S. has been involved in five wars. Four of those wars were a waste of lives and money. I would rather my taxes go to providing health care and food for our less fortunate citizens. I do not like for America to kill people.”

— Halfway

“OK, state employee from Halfway, what have you done in the past to try to improve your pay, your benefits and your work? I’ll bet nothing. Have you written letters to your legislators, called them personally, or gone to Annapolis to make your voice heard? You probably just sit and whine, instead of actually trying to do something about it. Ask yourself what you can do, instead of just calling in to Mail Call. There are way too many state employees like you.”

— Williamsport

“I’m watching the TV reports of these towns out in California that are filing for bankruptcy, and I’ve also been following the local government news, and I am glad to hear that our county government has done a great job in keeping us fiscally responsible. So I’d like to say thanks to Greg Murray, the county administrator, for doing that, and the five county commissioners, for looking out for the county. They never get enough praise. They always take the hardship of making those hard decisions, and sometimes it’s not always favorable, but they have to look out for the best of the county.”

— Williamsport

“I just want to comment on how it seems that so many homeowners do not take pride in homeownership anymore. I completely understand the poor economy and money being tight. I also understand that some older folks may not have the physical ability to care for their homes any longer. However, it just seems that there are a lot of other people who don’t do the simple things, like weeding their yards, trimming their bushes and cleaning up trash and junk around the outside of their homes. It would really be nice if those folks could make an effort.”


“Hagerstown caller, climate change, per se, is real. The climate’s been changing, often drastically — ever heard of the Ice Ages? — throughout our planet’s history. What’s not real is the ... pseudo-scientific quasi-religion of man-caused climate change. And yes, caller, we Republicans and conservatives also think health care and education are good things, but evidently you’re such a partisan extremist, you think everyone who disagrees with you politically on the best means to achieve them for us and our fellow citizens, wants illiterate children and the sick dying in the streets.”

— Frederick, Md.

“Have you noticed all the cities lately claiming bankruptcy? Are we next? Instead of looking for new ways to spend money, we should make sure we have enough to cover all of our obligations, like pensions promised to our public employees.”

— North End

“My husband and I are very appreciative that the city council still allows the outdoor gospel music concerts to be held at City Park, and with the group in the band shell. Last night, the Guilford Station was spectacular, as usual. And people go there not for, not to give you commerce dollars or not to give you business opportunities, or not to worship the mighty buck, but the worship the mighty Lord, Jesus Christ.”

— Hagerstown

“I am a right-wing, conservative Republican, so that makes me against gay marriage, I’m definitely against this redistricting, and what gets me is, with all the trillions of dollars that circulate the country — and I’m asking Democrats and Republicans this — the shelter programs, the recovery services and the churches, why are there still homeless people in this country? That’s my question, for both political parties.”

— Hagerstown

“I recently completed my first year at the senior center, and I’m still as enthusiastic as my first visit. I’d like to welcome another new member. She visited a few weeks ago and participated in our beading class. We welcomed her and she seemed to enjoy herself. Then a week later she decided to refresh her knowledge of Spanish, and, wow, I was in awe of her conversational ability. Then this past week she shows up at our line dance class. ... If you are looking for something new and exciting, come down to the senior center and see if there is something you’d like to participate in.”

— Washington County

“Penn State’s athletic program should be totally suspended from the NCAA for at least three years. They disgraced a once-proud university.”

— Fayetteville, Pa.

“Well, I see the Jim Crow laws are coming back to this country. Pennsylvania has voted, Republicans in Pennsylvania have voted to have the law where there has to be voter IDs before somebody can vote. And 9 percent of the population doesn’t have the voter IDs, so that means that the forefathers that fought for the freedom in this country to vote, would roll over in their graves if they knew that people are being cheated out of their vote. Jim Crow laws.”

— Hagerstown

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