Letters to the Editor - July 10

July 10, 2012

ObamaCare must be immediately repealed

To the editor:

I see the Supreme Court has ended the suspense about the legality of Obamacare. What we should bear in mind is that, if Congress has the power to enact this law, it also has the power to repeal or amend it. I suggest that Congress get to work on the latter immediately. Three major flaws in this law must be addressed:

1. It is easy to decree medical care for X million people, but we cannot instantly create thousands of additional live doctors and nurses to provide that care. I don’t see how having a legal right to medical care is going to benefit me if I cannot find someone to provide it.

2. There is no incentive to reduce the cost of medical care. Fifty years ago no one would have thought people could live forever through endless organ transplants, joint replacements, and prohibitively expensive medicines. We are being forced into the current program by the obvious fact that most of the recipients of these expensive medical treatments and procedures could never afford those treatments on their own. And the number of those patients seems to be increasing exponentially.

Requiring citizens to purchase health insurance means a huge windfall for insurance companies, which will adjust their rates to make insurance itself unaffordable for half the population.

Of course the premiums so many of us cannot afford will come out of the public treasury, as will payment to the pharmaceutical companies and their retail outlets for the expensive medicines that no one can afford. Talk about corporate welfare.

3. No one can tell us who is going to pay for all this. However, the only way government can support this law is by raising taxes.

My hunch is that wage earners will pay the enormous cost of Obamacare, the same way that wage earners in Europe pay a high income tax to support all their government programs.

Lou A. Murray

New recycling opportunity is a good program

To the editor:
I just returned from a trip to Ireland, where recycling of trash has been the law for a long time. But more importantly, the Irish people feel it is their duty to be environmentally responsible; and therefore, have no problem complying with the law. I will admit that this Irish attitude about recycling made me embarrassed that until “Big Blue” showed up, I did very little recycling. 

Big Blue is the recycling trash bin that showed up at my house a couple of months ago. I had gotten a letter saying that if I did not want this, I could simply call or return a form asking not to participate. 

I was very excited that someone thought of a way to make recycling so easy. I didn’t have to do anything to get Big Blue; it is a sturdy bin with wheels; I can combine all types of recycling items in the one bin; there is weekly pick-up; and I get all this for only $5 per month (which works out to $1.25 per week). 

Much to my surprise, feedback from residents who received Big Blue in this newspaper leads one to believe there are a lot of folks dissatisfied with this initiative and/or how it was introduced. Hopefully, this does not represent the majority of people. 

I really believe that if they would have sent out letters that required residents to return a consent form in order to participate, they would have ended up with a lot fewer participants. 

I urge you to keep your eye on what is important here. We now have an easy way to recycle for pennies a day that will help the environment. I thank those who were involved in making this happen.

Susan L. Wood

New fee pushes more recyclables into landfill

To the editor:

What genius came up with the idea to charge extra to use the recycle bins at the dump transfer stations?

Over the years that I have used the Gapland/Dargan locations, and I have seen a significant increase in folks recycling. Now all I hear is grumbling about the extra costs to do so, and everyone I have spoken with plans to just dump all the recyclable items in with the regular trash rather than pay the extra fee.

What were our officials thinking? We want to encourage folks to recycle and this takes them the other direction. Will the person/persons step forward who decided this and let us know who you are, then meet us at the tar and feather booth. Or let us know your logic for this decision, if there is any.

Steve Anders


Can insurance companies be worse than government?

To the editor:

Sen. Barbara Mikulski touts that ObamaCare has now broken the stranglehold that evil insurance companies have on us. In my lifetime I have had to deal with insurance companies, various government agencies and, in particular, the IRS.

I would rather deal with the insurance companies any day.  I would also like to ask again, if this is such a wonderful deal for Americans, why did you exempt yourself and the rest of Congress from this plan?

George Sunday
Chambersburg, Pa.

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