Teens struggling to find summer employment

July 09, 2012|By CALEB CALHOUN |
  • Tyler Johnson
By Caleb Calhoun/Mobile Journalist

HAGERSTOWN — Smithsburg resident Darla Mullinix, 17, has been working her first job this summer at Backyard Inflatables at Valley Mall.

“It’s fun and stressful sometimes,” Mullinix said. “The kids are funny, and they make the time enjoyable, but it’s stressful trying to make time for other things and for work.”

Mullinix, a student at Smithsburg High School, was among area teenagers who talked Monday about what types of summer jobs they are working. Despite not getting summers off anymore, she said she does like making money.

“Not having summers off is the worst part of the job,” Darla said. “I pay for all my stuff, though.”

Tyler Johnson, 15, of Beckley, W.Va., attends Woodrow Wilson High School and is doing landscaping work for one of his father’s friends. It is his first summer job, he said.

“It makes me feel more responsible,” he said. “I just like working.”

Hagerstown resident Kyle Noll, 18, is looking for a summer job, but says he has had summer jobs in the past.

“I worked at Black Eyed Susan recently, and I just worked at Spencer’s,” he said.

Noll, who recently graduated from Clear Spring High School, said he thinks the economy is a reason why he is still looking for a job.

“Everybody is in demand for summer jobs because of the economy,” he said. “People are trying to get into the job world, and they’re not successful.”

Brody Clifford, 16, of Hagerstown, an Antietam Academy student, said he has not found a job this summer.

“I’m just spending time with friends,” he said. “It’s been good. I don’t have to get up real early in the morning, but I do wish I would get paid.”

Eric Elkins, 13, of Mercersburg, Pa., a James Buchanan Middle School student, said he is cutting grass for people who live around him.

“I’ve been doing it during the summer, and it’s been hot,” he said. “It’s not like you get paid a lot.”

Two other Mercbersburg residents, Lexxis Miller and Kacie Hose, both 15-year-old James Buchanan High School students, said they have been baby-sitting this summer.

“I’m supposed to be baby-sitting cousins and neighbors,” Miller said.

Hose said she is baby-sitting for her mother’s friends, other family members and neighbors.

“I’ve been hanging out with friends this summer, and baby-sitting’s been interesting,” she said. 

Williamsport resident Andrew Ford, 17, said he has not been working, but he has been busy packing because he is moving to New York state before the next school year begins.

“It’s been tiring because we have to move all our stuff downstairs and into the truck,” he said. “We haven’t even made a dent in our packing yet.”

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