Mail Call - July 9

July 08, 2012

“I’d just like to thank the Potomac Edison repairmen for a great job they did repairing electrical lines and stuff around Sharpsburg. Under the weather conditions, I just say ‘A great job. Well done, men.’”
— Sharpsburg

“I have just finished reading an article ... ‘What does July 4 mean to you?’ What does it really mean to us, as Americans? We do honor our country, we honor our friends, with picnics and parades, but do we ever really stop to be thankful of our independence, and how wonderful it really is?”
— Hagerstown

“My neighbor has a pit bull. He’s as sweet as can be, until he sees another dog. This dog has attacked my dogs twice, and the owner is unable to control the dog, physically or verbally. The destructive power of this animal is unmatched. If you can’t handle your animal, then you shouldn’t have it. Get a pet you can handle and dominate, for your safety and the safety of your surroundings. I know now that it will be up to me in this situation to stop the attack, by any means I find necessary. ... Be responsible for yourself and your pet. It’s the law.”
— Samples Manor

“Thanks, Berlin caller, for giving me the true leftist agenda. I commend you for — unlike many of your fellow callers — being honest about your hatred for democracy and your desire to suppress the freedom of those who disagree with you. I only hope you and your fellow leftists actually do march on Washington and attempt to violently overthrow a duly elected Congress, and commit violent assaults on elected officials. Then we’ll see if the American people support your violent leftist revolutionary ideology.”
— Frederick, Md.

“When our dear president was elected, he stated that this would be the most transparent administration in history. It seems as if that concept fast and furiously went down the drain.”
— Hagerstown

“I hope the good people of Maryland get rid of the governor as soon as possible. Who does he think he is, as he demands the utility companies hurry up their work? They are working 16-hour shifts, in terrible conditions, with eight-hour rest. His arrogance is disgusting. As well, his demands of alternative energy would be worthless, when wind turbines and solar panels blow away in these severe storms.”
— Martinsburg, W.Va.

“I haven’t seen too many complaints about gas prices lately. Up here in Fayetteville, Pa., our gas has been $3.07 a gallon. Hope everybody has a nice day.”
— Fayetteville, Pa.

“This is about the teachers’ retirement program. Are you aware that as of July 1 of last year, our mandatory contribution increased 2 percent, and that 2 percent does not go to the retirement fund, but instead goes to the state’s general fund? So we are actually paying an additional tax to the state for the privilege of working in education, and educating our young people. Oops, I guess ... it’s not really a tax, it’s just a fee.”
— Hagerstown

“Regarding a photo on the front of the July 3 paper, I wonder if the ducks prefer subs or pizza? If you look carefully, you can see the ducks’ shadow.”
— Hagerstown

“Monday’s Mail Caller said the Civil War Rail Trail proponents were self-centered. This is an example of a pot calling the kettle black. Today’s proponents will not personally benefit, as they’ll be pushing up daisies or in wheelchairs by the time the trail’s completed in 2040. On the other hand, trail opponents who live adjacent to the public land are benefiting now by using land that is not theirs, penning in animals, building sheds and fences, parking cars and trucks, abandoning vehicles, piling up trash and using the taxpayers’ land.”
— Gapland

“So you have to learn to change your driving behavior around schools, year-round, even on holidays, Monday through Friday, like July 4, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., or you’ll be taxed — oh, given a penalty. But if you change your health behavior and eat healthy and don’t get sick and stay out of hospitals and doctors’ offices, you’ll be taxed for changing your behavior. Something’s wrong with this whole formula for raising money. Let’s be honest, they just want to tax.”
— Hagerstown

“Hey, Republicans, climate change is real, and health care and education are good things.”
— Hagerstown

“All well and good to put ice cubes in your pets’ water. Why not bring them into your home permanently, where they can enjoy the air conditioning or heat in the winter like you do? I just cannot imagine living day after day, year after year, with a collar and a chain around your neck. The same old view, the same old dirt, the same old doghouse. Do you hug your pet, rub his belly, check for fleas and ticks? Or is he just a stupid dog that deserves the sweltering heat or freezing cold? He’ll love you even more.”
— Greencastle, Pa.

“I agree with the caller about beautiful Hagerstown, with the blue trash can in front of your house. We have a gentleman in our neighborhood who has a large and accessible backyard, and still keeps it right at his front door. Code needs to take care of these things. Otherwise, our town is going downhill fast.”
— Hagerstown

“I think the perfect solution for the BOE to save money, instead of cutting out the health care nurses, would to be stop having buses stop at every house to deliver. There’s one house in our area where four buses stop daily. This is unnecessary. They should have a central bus stop for all the area residents.”
— Chewsville

“The Morgan County commission used to be nicknamed ‘Glen and Glen Echo.’ Now its nickname is ‘Close and Closer.’”
— Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

“So it takes two to three years to revamp the downtown library. A new downtown stadium would take five to 10 years to build. Bottom line, we don’t need a new stadium. It’s only a Class A ball team.”
— Hagerstown

“It’s Tuesday, July 3. I’m sitting here reading Mail Call and I see someone from Hagerstown called in about the credit card test people calling and calling. I’m having it every day also, and it’s getting right tiring.”
— Cearfoss area

“This is in reference to all the Mail Call callers concerning the need not being there for nurses in the school system. Yes, my daughter is one who requires four shots of insulin a day, one of which is at her lunchtime. I could only hope that I had as healthy a child as what you evidently do, and ... so you don’t have a need for the nurse. You need to really think outside the box and thank your lucky stars you have a healthy child.”
— Smithsburg

“Government finance is not like personal finance. If an individual runs into financial difficulty, they need to become more frugal. In a recession like the one we are in, the government needs to spend more money on everyday people. These people will spend their money, and the economy will grow.”
— Halfway

“You know, this argument over the health care, these Republican talk show hosts don’t want it, you know, we had the same thing when they started Social Security. The Republican Party didn’t want it, and the Democrats did. What would you do if you didn’t have Social Security? So it’s going to be the same thing with health care.”
— Hagerstown

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