Letters to the Editor - July 6

July 06, 2012

Good job, Mayor Bruchey and stadium supporters

To the editor:

It’s time for a change downtown.

I have been fortunate to call downtown Hagerstown home for the last eight years and have been a Washington County resident for 35 years. I’ve put a lot of time and thought into reading and listening to the debates over the proposed stadium being built downtown and here’s my final conclusion. Good job, Mayor Bruchey, and everyone else in favor of the stadium project.

We are fortunate enough to finally have a few people who have good vision in office. We have a new library being built. We have the Barbara Ingram school. Things are changing for the better, and let’s continue changing for the better with a stadium. If we do nothing, then nothing will change. We have done nothing for 20 years and what has happened? All the businesses have closed and left; that’s what doing nothing has done.

Is the new stadium the answer to all of downtown’s problems? No, but it’s a huge step in the right direction. What has happened to “take pride in our community”?

Once again, good job Mayor Bruchey and supporters.

Scott Myers

We should still be watchful of terrorists

To the editor:

I’m somewhat concerned that the free world through the United Nations can’t seem to do anything about these suicide bombings, which are happening mostly in the Middle East — but also other countries.

My real concern is that our country in this respect, doesn’t seem to know what to do about the threat from al-Qaida. The first thing we need to do is to let the enemy understand that we know who they are, and that we intend to defend ourselves against their actions. They are led into committing these suicide bombings against the culture and the freedom of the free world.

I’m a veteran of World War II and I believe we should take their threats seriously and respond by letting them know that we know who they are (really). Look I’m sorry, but Islam has to take some responsibility for al-Qaida and for what it is doing. I’m sure the Islamic people for the most part aren’t terrorists, but those in the Middle East are living in a culture with terrible restraints on their lives controlled by authorities.

This control is from Islamic authority and is filtered down even to their families as to what they are allowed to do and what not allowed to do.

So you see this problem we have now is not a war of territory, it is a war of minds, culture and freedom. Look, I know we are different and most likely always will be, but don’t try to force us and the free world into accepting your way of life. Instead, come to the peace table in some kind of venue and let your grievances be known to the free world so we can co-exist peaceably.

As far as our country’s defense to terrorism, I think we should tell al-Qaida, when they threaten us, that we have a strategy also, and if you are successful in another terrorist attack on our country, we will use this strategy, and you haven’t seen anything yet as to what we can do to you and the way of life you are trying to spread throughout the free world.

Folks, I’m a peace-loving man, but I’m also of the belief you must tell it like it is and fight to defend our way of life and the democracy and freedom we enjoy and hold so dear to us.

Jack Myers

Don’t spend our tax dollars on kids’ lunch

To the editor:

In the Sunday, June 10, issue of The Herald-Mail, a front-page headline read, “Schools’ free meal program expanding this summer.”

Are we fast entering socialism? Why should we, the taxpayers, be burdened with feeding those attending school, whether it be summer or winter? Another giveaway program to promote the birth rate.

We have become a giveaway society. It’s no wonder that many do not seek gainful employment. With our welfare system, free cellphones, etc., and now free lunches, why work? Is there no pride?

And get this, and I quote the article, “But three schools are open sites for breakfast and lunch, meaning students do not need to be enrolled in a program at school to receive a meal.” Well, senior citizens, as well as other gainfully employed persons, line up and receive something that we as taxpayers are monetarily supporting.

I also quote from the article, “we do summer meals because we recognize there are families in our community that struggle to put food on the table every day.” If you cannot afford to feed them, do not bring them into the world for others to support.

The article continues to state, and I quote, “There are no income-eligibility restrictions for students to receive the meals at either the open sites or at summer school.”

Most of the schools might receive some federal funding. Any way you perceive it, it is taxpayers’ money. Some of our present supervisors should have been exposed to times in the 1930s.

Tom Wilhelm

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