Letters to the Editor - July 4

July 04, 2012

Remember the government behind our independence

To the editor:

As a former/current federal worker with 34-plus years of service at the Social Security Administration, the Fourth of July is an important day for me. Since the dawn of our nation, federal workers have played a significant role in America’s achievements.

The contributions of federal workers will be very much in evidence this week as Americans prepare to celebrate our nation’s birthday. Millions of Americans will check a weather report prepared by the National Weather Service, grill meat inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and fly in skies kept safe by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Transportation Security Administration.

Others will enjoy time outdoors in our national parks, travel with children protected by car seats inspected by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and visit post offices to mail letters and packages to loved ones serving in the military. Many, approximately one in six Americans, are receiving Social Security benefits, and most of those receive Medicare as well.

My fellow federal workers and retirees and I are proud of the jobs we’ve done for America for the last 236 years. We wish you, and the nation we love, a happy Independence Day.

Thomas Brudenell

Patriots were people of action

To the editor:

The Fourth of July is celebrated with parades, speeches by politicians and, of course, great cookouts. But, let us not forget what this holiday is truly about — the birth of a new nation, a nation seeking independence.

British and Colonial armies were clashing, as a tiny nation of 13 colonies struggled against the world’s most powerful empire for its independence.

Overwhelming odds were against such a victory when the call came out. It was George Washington who stated, “You are freemen, fighting for the blessings of liberty,” and the small militia of patriots stepped forth and were transformed into soldiers, sailors and marines.

They became the “force” that rushed forth to do brave battle with tyranny. They knew the reward of a thing well done is to have done it yourself. This these brave souls did for the blessings of liberty.

The colonists believed in freedom and liberty. They were men and women who lived by believing in something, not by debating and arguing about many things.

As history tells us, they faced immense hardships, far beyond the many hardships of the familiar routine of their daily lives during colonial times. They were separated from their families and endured this struggle, so our nation could continue to grow in harmony and free of oppression. Too often that sacrifice was the thing dearest to them — their homes, family and their very lives — so this nation could continue its pursuit of freedom.

Remember these patriots who gave their all and honor, those who served and are serving for the blessings of liberty this Fourth of July.

Paul Inskeep, No. 211-806
Maryland Correctional Training Center

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