Washington County Playhouse dedicates stage to Donald L. Spickler

July 04, 2012

The Washington County Playhouse in Hagerstown has dedicated its stage to Donald L. Spickler. 

The stage has been formally dedicated, and a plaque bears its new official name, according to the theater owners.

On June 23, before the curtain went up on the closing night performance of “Big River,” the cast, crew, and audience at the theater recognized Spickler’s longtime support and commitment by officially naming the stage after him.

“From now on, it will be known as the Donald L. Spickler Stage at the Washington County Playhouse. A brass plaque is now mounted on the most prominent pole of the stage for all to see upon entering the stage area,” playhouse co-owner Loretta Czerbinski said.

Loretta and Jeff Czerbinski, who own the theater, told the audience that Spickler has been an outstanding proponent of the playhouse and the theater company.


“Don, and his wife, Mary Jane, have been key players in our efforts to keep this dinner theater going in Hagerstown. They have offered advice, encouragement, and ideas all with the theater’s future in mind.

“They have brought scores of new people into the theater who have become regular patrons. They have shown us the formula for growing the downtown theater beyond its current 28 season history — new people,” they said.

Loretta Czerbinski also said that the theater has a tremendous sense of gratitude to the entire Spickler family for all they have done and continue to do.

“We will endeavor to provide our standards of good food and high quality entertainment by always keeping their advice in mind. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Don and Mary Jane,” Jeff Czerbinski said.

Spickler was singled out because he attends every opening of every show, and attends every closing night, the theater owners said. His ideas, suggestions, and especially his ongoing encouragement have been beyond value.

“While the playhouse has many people to thank, including Bob Hagerman for starting it, Bruce Levin for developing it, and Kelly and Dixie for continuing it, for us it has been the untiring devotion of Donald Spickler,” Jeff Czerbinski said. “Donald is a big part of our community, and always will be.”

As he was presented with the plaque, the audience and staff of the theater gave Spickler and his wife a standing ovation. The plaque is now mounted on the stage.

The Spicklers are well known in the local and regional theater community, attending Potomac Playmakers shows, Community Concert Series, and Totem Pole Playhouse performances. 

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