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Letter to the Editor - July 3

July 03, 2012

Dinosaurs and man both need air

To the editor:

Hey, what about those dinosaurs? A young college girl named Emily wanted to know before her college years were over.

The answer to her question is found, of all places, in the Bible in Psalms 24:1. This verse states that the earth is the Lord’s and all that dwell therein.

So many college students want to know about dinosaurs, realizing they didn’t just appear out of thin air.

They do resemble man in that, to exist, they both need from the earth their food, water and air. So the designer must be the same, to place man on the same planet where their requirement of food, water and air would be met.

Now, the science of 2012 teaches dinosaurs must have come out of thin air. For how could they exist without food, water and air? Yet we see them co-existing with man in earth’s space sharing its food, water and air.

We know dinosaurs are not from Mars, because on Mars there’s no food, water or air. But that’s no problem for today’s science. They just fill in the space of time with their theories of origins, such as evolution.

You don’t dare question these great scientific minds, for their theories do not require food, water or air. Their dinosaurs just come out of thin air.

So, Emily, you can be sure of one thing: For dinosaurs to exist, they will need food, water and air. Just like humans, they must have the same designer, who makes the best use of his food, water and air.

Charlie Gower
Martinsburg, W.Va.

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