Washington County Board of Commissioners briefs

July 03, 2012

Proposed excise tax change clarified

A proposed change in Washington County’s excise tax was clarified on Tuesday.

The Washington County Board of Commissioners last month agreed to adjust the excise tax for certain nonresidential properties.

If the property use was going to change from nonretail to retail, the commissioners decided to waive the excise tax of $3 per square foot.

On Tuesday, the commissioners agreed that a nonresidential property with the opposite change — from retail to nonretail — also would not be subject to the excise tax, which would be $1 per square foot in that case.

The commissioners would be in “a lot of hot water with a lot of business owners” if they did not allow the waiver both ways, Commissioner John F. Barr said.


The excise tax still will apply to new construction, Commissioner William McKinley said.

Assistant County Attorney Kirk C. Downey said a public hearing on the revised proposal will be scheduled.

Commissioners approve board appointments

The Washington County Board of Commissioners approved the following appointments on Tuesday:

  • Kate Rader to a three-year term on the Hagerstown-Washington County Economic Development Commission, through June 30, 2015. Rader already is on the commission, having been appointed to fill the final few months of an unexpired term, according to County Clerk Vicki C. Lumm.
  • To the Local Management Board: Bridgett Jones Smith to a first, three-year term through July 31, 2015; Deena Holder and Peter Thomas to second, three-year terms through July 31, 2015; and Samuel Key, Mary Towe and Charles Wainwright to second, three-year terms through June 30, 2015.
  • To the PenMar Development Corporation Board: Peter Kurz to a second, four-year term through June 30, 2016; Sharon Disque to fill an unexpired term through June 30, 2013; and Patrick Fleagle, William Carter, Brian Flook and Richard Lum Jr. to first, four-year terms through June 30, 2016.

Airport property appraisals cost more

The Washington County Board of Commissioners agreed on Tuesday to pay more for appraisals and environmental assessments of property at Hagerstown Regional Airport than originally expected.

The commissioners previously agreed to spend $105,000.

County Administrator Gregory B. Murray said Tuesday that the actual cost turned out to be $114,815, so the commissioners approved spending the additional $9,815.

Commissioners John F. Barr and Ruth Anne Callaham said the appraisals and assessments are required by the Federal Aviation Administration.

— Andrew Schotz

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