Scotland School sale closer to a done deal

July 01, 2012

SCOTLAND, Pa. — Legislation passed this weekend will permit the sale of the former Scotland School for Veterans Children property, state Rep. Rob Kauffman said in a news release.

House Bill 2406, which is awaiting the governor’s signature, will authorize the Pennsylvania Department of General Services to negotiate a sale agreement with Winebrenner Theological Seminary, according to Kauffman, R-Franklin/Cumberland.

The former school on a 185-acre campus north of Chambersburg, Pa., has been vacant since 2009. It was initially established to aid the orphans of Civil War soldiers.

Kauffman said the proceeds of sale will be directed to a trust fund for a veterans foundation.

Winebrenner Theological Seminary plans to operate the campus as an expansion to the seminary’s existing Ohio site.

The seminary is affiliated with the Church of God, but an official with the organization said it recruits students from 35 denominations.

“The seminary has already been reaching out to the community and looking for ways to partner with area organizations to make use of some of the facilities on the campus that would benefit local residents,” Kauffman said.

He described the seminary as a “positive reuse” of the campus.

In addition to House Bill 2406, the school property will remain on the Department of General Services disposition plan. This will give the state the authority to market the property to other potential buyers if the sale to Winebrenner Theological Seminary does not take place.

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