Letter to the Editor - June 30

June 30, 2012

Fourth of July a time to reflect on America’s strengths

To the editor:

There once was a man who had a dream to build a dairy farm. He started by buying just a few dairy cows, and after many years of hard work and wise business ventures, he and his family became very successful. His sons and daughters worked with him, they employed many others who needed jobs and all went well.

Then one day, a very educated and intellectual young man came to the door of the farmhouse. He explained to the owner and his wife how he could double the production of the cows’ milk and allow them to retire early. They would not have to invest in extra help, purchase more cows or acquire additional land for grazing. The couple was, of course, very excited to hear his plan.

Before the stranger could go any further, though, the wise old farmer asked what his credentials were. “How long have you been in the dairy business, son?”

“Why, I have no idea what a real cow even looks like up close,” was his response. “By trade, I am a politician.”

Stunned and puzzled the farmer asked, “Then how do you think you can give us any advice about dairy cows?”

“Because,” the young man continued, “milking a cow can’t be much different than milking America dry.”

As we celebrate our nation’s independence, Americans need to remember how our country was built by people who worked hard, sacrificed much and believed in the phrase, “In God We Trust.”

Those we elected in Washington still work for the American people and our Fourth of July holiday is a good time to reflect on who is making America stronger and who is milking it dry.

Kate Prado

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