Letter to the Editor - June 29

June 29, 2012

Daycare provider questions parents’ responsibility

To the editor:

What is accountability?

I have had a daycare in my home for 26 years. Each year becomes more challenging. You love, teach and cry with the children, and go the second mile if necessary.

I would say 95 percent of my parents have been very helpful, making sure that I get paid because of my expenses.

The past year, I have had several parents who have not paid for services rendered. They have not given a notice to terminate care of their child. You try to call them and your call is not returned. Of course, the child does not come to daycare.

To parents: If you are not going to bring your child to daycare, give the provider an appropriate notice of termination. Offer to work together for you to pay the money due to the provider.

If parents want their child loved, taught and protected, they should work with their daycare provider. Her job is not easier than their job. She has obligations, too.

I am asking today’s parents: Are you accountable and responsible to your obligations?

Delores Swope

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