Boonsboro curbside recycling to start next month

June 24, 2012|By DON AINES |

BOONSBORO — Curbside recycling will start next month in Boonsboro, but sanitation fees will remain unchanged due to projected savings on landfill tipping fees and a grant from local author Nora Roberts, Councilwoman Barbara Wetzel said.

Letters explaining the recycling program were being mailed out last week and recycling containers are to be dropped off at homes in the last week of June, Wetzel said last week. The containers will come with fliers detailing what items can and cannot be recycled, she said.

The town council voted unanimously in April to approve curbside recycling, Wetzel said. The town awarded a one-year contract to Allied Waste for trash collection and curbside pickup, she said.

For the time being, Boonsboro will continue to have trash pickup twice a week, but that could one day be changed to once a week, Wetzel said.

The fee for trash collection will remain at $15 a quarter, she said.

Recycling will be collected every other Monday, with the first pickup on July 2. A recycling schedule for the year is in the letter going out to residents.

It will be mixed-stream recycling, so all recyclable materials go into one container, Wetzel said.

Residents wanting smaller recycling containers can obtain them by calling the town hall at 301-432-5141 after July 2.

Three years ago, the town received a $30,000 grant spread out over three years from the Nora Roberts Foundation, and that money, which was placed in escrow, will be used to help pay for recycling, Wetzel said.

The town also expects to save about $8,000 on tipping fees. Boonsboro pays $52 per ton to have its trash taken to the Washington County Landfill, she said.

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