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Letters to the Editor - June 18

June 17, 2012

Letter writer can have socialism, freedom from religion

To the editor:

Based on her recent letter (“Parrott’s mailing ‘disappointing to say the least,’” May 20), I believe Victoria Ross is in need of lessons in history and on Christianity.

I wonder if she has read our Constitution; I suspect Del. Parrott would give her a copy. She should read the First Amendment. This is where the only clause can be found that defines our religious freedoms. She will not see “separation of church and state.” What she will see is that she does not have the right to “freedom from religion.”

The two most important things we learn from Jesus are “love the Lord your God with your whole heart” and “love your neighbor as yourself.” This totally encompasses what it means to be a Christian. How can anyone deny how great this world would be if everyone would truly try to love their neighbor? I want to share a recent experience where I witnessed this love.

On a recent Saturday, a woman who attends my church experienced a devastating fire in her home. The next day, upon learning of this tragedy, the congregation decided to shorten the service so we could go to her aid. Throughout the day, over 50 neighbors, friends, family members and fellow churchgoers worked tirelessly to remove all belongings that could be salvaged. Then everything was cleaned and moved to storage. All of this was done less than 24 hours after the fire. Now, I’m not going to say that all those who helped are churchgoers, but it was certainly the sense of community, the responsibility to family and the obligation of being a true neighbor, all based on Jesus’ commands, that made this happen.

Perhaps Ross would look to the government to come to her aid. Aid that would be late in coming, mismanaged, saddled with the costs of bureaucracy and paid for by placing more taxes on an already overtaxed group.

She can have her socialism and her life free from religion. I will stick to relying on my God, my community and my family, all while hoping that the majority of the citizens of our great country will once again strive to follow the commands of Jesus.

Gene Walkley

Partisan zealots contribute to political disgust

To the editor:

Reflecting recently, on our nation’s Flag Day, it grieved me to consider the panderings of a handful of partisan zealots, from both major political parties, who use the anonymous Mail Call forum to distort and manipulate issues on behalf of their political parties and candidates.

Do they not realize that they are contributing to the disillusionment and disgust of the people in our entire political process and constitutional system of governance, bought so dearly by patriots’ blood?

Are our forefathers turning over in their graves? Is Atlas shrugging?

Del. Larry D. Kump
Falling Waters, W.Va.

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