Letters to the Editor - June 15

June 15, 2012

Commissioners’ vote for senior center appreciated

To the editor:

We appreciate that the Board of County Commissioners has voted (4-0) to proceed with the Senior Center at our well-located community college (HCC).

This facility will be well used by our growing elderly population. Visits to similar centers in other communities show us how well the facilities are used and how many different groups are able to have activities there both during the day and in the evenings. Our experience with the temporary center at Girls Inc. also lets us know how much demand there is in our own community.

Active seniors are healthy and happy seniors, and many have said that their taxes over the years have paid for a facility of their own. We look forward to a groundbreaking ceremony in the near future.

William K. Beard Jr.
Property committee chairman
Washington County Commission on Aging

Officer’s quick actions were a blessing to my daughter

To the editor:

While attending Mass at St. Mary’s Church on Sunday, June 10, my daughter experienced a medical emergency. She fainted while walking out of church.

Quick to respond was Tim Rossiter, an off-duty city policeman. He caught her just prior to her hitting the floor, and then carried her outside of church and set her down safely on a stoop. He got her to respond to him and then called 911.  While awaiting the call from CRS, he never left her side and continued to comfort her. His quick actions and true professionalism were so reassuring in what may have been a very difficult time.

I know my daughter and all of her family are very grateful to Tim for his quick actions, and to be sure he is a great credit to the City of Hagerstown Police Department.

Well done, and thank you.

Jim Colombo

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