Area gas prices continue to drop as summer nears

June 14, 2012|By CALEB CALHOUN |
  • The Liberty gas station at the intersection of Robinwood Drive and Jefferson Boulevard had the cheapest regular grade gas among the stations the Herald-Mail visited Thursday.
By Caleb Calhoun, Staff Writer

With summer less than a week away, national and area gas prices continue to drop, according to the AAA Mid-Atlantic weekend gas watch.

The national average for regular grade gas is down to $3.54 a gallon this week, while in Hagerstown, it is $3.44 per gallon. The prices are down from $3.59 and $3.50 a gallon, respectively.

The weekly average in Hagerstown was also at $3.44 a gallon, according to the AAA Fuel Price Finder.

The Liberty Gas Station at the intersection of Robinwood Drive and Jefferson Boulevard was selling regular grade gas at $3.35, mid-grade at $3.45 and 93-octane premium grade at $3.55 per gallon.

In contrast, the Sheetz station at the intersection of South Potomac Street and Oak Ridge Drive was selling regular grade gas at $3.48 per gallon Tuesday, but it was $3.45 with the company’s discount. Plus grade was at $3.58, 93-octane Super grade $3.68 and diesel fuel $3.72 per gallon.


The Exxon station on U.S. Alternate 40 near Boonsboro was selling regular grade gas at $3.45 per gallon, plus grade at $3.55, 93-octane supreme grade at $3.65 and diesel at $3.75 per gallon.

The Shell station on Maugans Avenue off Interstate 81 at Exit 9 was selling regular and plus grade gas at the same prices as the Exxon station, but 93-octane V-Power grade was $3.69, and diesel was $3.79 a gallon.

The Pilot Travel Center on Greencastle Pike off of Interstate 70 at Exit 24 was also selling regular grade gas at $3.45 a gallon. Plus grade was not offered, but the company’s 93-octane premium grade was $3.71, and diesel fuel was $3.77 per gallon.

The average in the state of Maryland for regular grade gas has dropped from $3.52 to $3.45 a gallon.

Prices also dropped in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C., from $3.57 to $3.50 a gallon; in Baltimore from $3.50 to $3.42; in Cumberland from $3.50 to $3.43; and in Salisbury from $3.42 to $3.34.

Crude oil was at $84.10 per barrel Friday, up from $83.23 the previous week and down from $100.74 per barrel at the same time last year.

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