Boonsboro High graduates told to learn from mistakes as well as successes

June 08, 2012|By DAN DEARTH |
  • Boonsboro HIgh School Valedictorian Paige Leann Dutrow delivers a speech Friday at commencement. The graduation took place at Hagerstown Community College.
By Kevin G. Gilbert, Staff Photographer

As Mikaela Wesmiller waited before marching in with the rest of her Boonsboro High School classmates to graduate, she said she hoped a dream that she had the night before wouldn’t come true.

“I had a dream that I would fall flat on my face across the stage,” she said.

As fate would have it, Wesmiller graduated without a hitch with the rest of her 197 classmates Friday morning during the Class of 2012 graduation ceremony at the Athletic, Recreation and Community Center on the Hagerstown Community College campus.

Valedictorian Paige Leann Dutrow told the class that although they were all but finished with high school, their journey for the pursuit of knowledge was just beginning.

“Make each experience a learning experience; even mistakes are not useless,” she said. “Learn from anything you consider a mistake, and learn from anything you consider a success, for each of these makes us better, stronger and smarter people. Take with you what you have learned already, both in school and out, and use that as a base to build upon.”


Salutatorian Zeyu Hao also addressed the class.

Washington County Board of Education member Donna Brightman gave the keynote address. She told the students that they would have to be able to adapt to remain relevant in an ever-changing world.

“Your future begins today, and that future will not be based on education alone but rather on your ability to adapt to uncertainty and flux,” Brightman said. “Your most important skill will be at how good you are at acquiring new skills. This is not about embracing social technology. This is about the world that has changed .... If we don’t understand or adapt to that change, we will become irrelevant as an educational institution and as individuals.”

Although Alyson Welty graduated from Boonsboro High in January, she said she attended Friday’s ceremony to receive her diploma with the rest of her classmates.

Welty said she has been busy attending Hagerstown Community College for the last six months.

“My friends ... we never really had time to get together,” Welty said of leaving school ahead of time. “If I knew it would have been like that ... I wouldn’t have graduated early.”

Boonsboro High School

Number of graduates: 198 (includes four dual graduates from Washington County Technical High School).
Valedictorian: Paige Leann Dutrow
Salutatorian: Zeyu Hao

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