Cross Bonz parlays love of music into busy performance schedule

June 06, 2012|By MARIE GILBERT |

With guitar in hand and a stage under his feet, Darrin Snyder couldn’t be more comfortable.

That doesn’t come as a surprise to those who know him.

He was born to be a musician.

“My family is deeply rooted in music,” Snyder said. “My father, Cecil, played in bands and my brother, Shawn, won many fiddle contests.”

But in comparison, he added, “I’m a late bloomer. Both my dad and brother started playing when they were 13 years of age. I got interested when I was 18 and by 21 I was out playing in the clubs.”

Regardless of when the Hagerstown man dipped his toe in the pool of music, what’s important, he said, is the fact that he is doing something he loves.

Snyder is a member of Cross Bonz, a Martinsburg, W.Va.-based band.

Cross Bonz plays a variety of music — from classic rock and country mix to a little bit of funk and blues.

The band, which has been together for three years, has been tapped to open the fifth season of Wind Down Friday on June 8.

Cross Bonz performs throughout the Tri-State area “and we’re happy to say we have quickly developed a loyal fan base — although we’re always happy to welcome new fans,” Snyder said.

In addition to playing at clubs, the band also has helped raise money for several charities, including Rock Out Autism and Relay for Life.

Snyder said the band started out with the intention of playing only a few gigs here and there.

“But before we knew it, our calendar was filling up,” he noted. “Being a musician, it seems that you can’t control the urge to play and entertain people with your love of music.”

Cross Bonz consists of Snyder, who plays lead guitar; J.R. Rudy, leader/lead singer; Junior Henley, rhythm guitar; Mike Gibson, drums; and Kevin Lewis, bass.

While it’s every musician’s dream to make a full-time living on stage, Snyder said that’s something to aspire to.

“We all hold other jobs,” he noted. “I’m a construction foreman. Two of our players are self-employed. One is a heavy equipment operator and one is an auto mechanic.”

Snyder said some of his musical influences include bluegrass legend Tony Rice, country music star Travis Tritt and bluesman and rocker Eric Clapton. Snyder’s favorite hard rock band is AC/DC.

In addition to kicking off Wind Down Fridays, Snyder said the band will make a second appearance at the event later in the summer.

Cross Bonz also will open for the Charlie Daniels Band on Saturday, Oct. 6, at Shiley Acres in Inwood, W.Va.

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