Letters to the Editor - May 31

May 31, 2012

Have we looked to other towns for ideas?

To the editor:

A few thoughts and questions about revitalizing downtown Hagerstown: The decay we see down there is not unique to Hagerstown. Since about the 1960s it has happened to hundreds, perhaps thousands of towns and cities in America.

Some of those places might have been successful in restoring life to their hearts. Has anybody from any level of government — city, county or state — visited some of those places to see how it was done? If not, such places can be found. Is revitalization an exercise in futility? Is a new stadium the best and only hope? Is that putting all your eggs in one basket? Is there a law that compels the Suns or any team to use the stadium ad infinitum?

If any team’s performance is less than stellar, will people flock to see them? We are told if they come, more security will be required. That implies there will be more crime. Do we need more of that? Will the bleachers be filled by local talent of whatever kind? I think people will go downtown in sufficient numbers only when there are shops, services, convenient parking and enough security to satisfy their needs and desires. Has any town or city achieved those things to an equal or greater degree than the malls? It might be worth a look.

Vance L. Creech

Chronic fatigue causes more pain than you know

To the editor:

I am writing about the article that you did on Sunday, May 13, about chronic fatigue syndrome. I would like to start out by saying if it wasn’t for the article in the Sunday Mother’s Day issue, I would have never known there was someone so close to me that had the same illness as I do. I was diagnosed in February of this year.

Also, I have had chronic neck and back pain since 2009. Also, I have had neck surgery. I have been in pain every day for the last four years. This illness doesn’t just affect you physically, but mentally and emotionally. People don’t realize the toll it takes on your family members.

I am single and was living with my youngest daughter. She had to move back in to live with her father in order for me to get help through the State of Maryland and the City of Hagerstown. That’s pretty sad. I could not get help because of my daughter’s income.

This illness has affected not just me, but my family also. And with that being said, you can only imagine how sad I felt knowing I had to make my daughter move out.

Also, I would like to add that my family doctor has attended seminars on chronic fatigue and has paid for the classes out of his own money to learn more about the illness. Melinda Malott has been so supportive. She has sent me a book and a CD. She is there for me to call if I need to talk.

I just want people to know that this illness is real. We’re not crazy.

K. Meyer

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