Letters to the Editor - May 28

May 28, 2012

Pro wrestlers provide best athletic entertainment

To the editor:

As an avid fan of all types of sports, I must say this. I’ve been a fan of professional sports teams for quite a while. In hockey, it’s the Washington Capitals; in football, the Dallas Cowboys; in baseball, the Baltimore Orioles; and, of course, WWE, formerly known as the WWF (World Wrestling Federation).

Out of all four, I have to say the WWE ranks No. 1, and the reason is simple. The athletes absorb tremendous punishment night in and night out, all for the sake of entertaining the fans. They don’t make the outrageous salaries that players in other sports make, yet they put their lives on the line every night because they love what they do. The WWE has never gone on strike and you don’t hear the wrestlers complaining about wanting a pay raise. They still perform even when dealing with injuries, unlike other athletes who can’t play due to turf toe, sprained fingers and neck spasms.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation recently honored the face of the franchise, and my daughter’s favorite wrestler, John Cena, for granting the most wishes since the inception of Make-A-Wish.

More than the aforementioned reasons, it’s the fact that fans know ahead of time that the matches are scripted, but yet, night in and night out, the WWE delivers a top-notch product in terms of pure entertainment. Wrestlers spend years honing their craft before making the big time. Football, baseball and hockey players have their own forms of the minor leagues, or the collegiate level, where they perfect their skills. The difference is the WWE has athletes who pride themselves on their performance and don’t accept lackluster effort. In other sports, you see athletes make mistakes and they laugh or just shrug it off as no big deal.

To me, as a paying fan I like to see athletes who care about their performance and want to deliver for their fans, which the WWE does. With the WWE, you can cheer for or root against whomever you choose, and there’s no threat of getting into fights because the atmosphere is all about having fun. In terms of pure sports entertainment, the WWE beats all others hands down.

Kevin Wetzel
Greencastle, Pa.

I am supporting Orem for Berkeley County sheriff

To the editor:

Since there appeared to be some issues regarding the primary election and ballot counts, John Orem, who lost to his Republican challenger by a few votes, is re-entering the race for Berkeley County sheriff in November as a write-in candidate.

There is not a candidate for this position who has a strong conservative base and has the wherewithal to get the job done. His views on protecting our communities go without saying, and he will serve us well. I ask all Republicans and Independents to get behind this man, who has strong ties to the community and strong family values.

It’s time for change from the status quo, to someone with a new vision to move Berkeley County forward in protecting our communities while leaving political rhetoric behind. He has my vote, and I will stand by him in the general election. As many people should be aware, many voters do not know how to use the electronic system for write-in candidates. I would strongly urge you to contact your local board of elections in Berkeley County to make sure you are able to do this properly.

Jeff Werner
Falling Waters, W.Va.

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