Letters to the Editor - May 27

May 27, 2012

LGBT community faces outright discrimination

To the editor:

After watching and reading numerous comments and opinions made by my fellow black Americans, black clergy and black lawmakers against the president’s endorsement of same-sex equality and the right to marry for the LGBT community, I — as a gay, Christian black American — could no longer be silent.

I think it’s time we repeal civil rights for the black community. Let’s start by making sure that if a black person sits in the front of the bus or at a lunch counter, he or she should be arrested and even beaten.

If blacks try to worship and teach themselves or try to organize in a building or church, let’s burn it down.

Let’s make sure that blacks don’t have the right to vote, because they lack common sense and are not smart enough to know what is right.

Let’s make sure that blacks work harder and get paid less, because they are “not equal” to any man.

Let’s bring back the laws of segregation, because no righteous man or woman should be made to feel uncomfortable being in the presence of blacks because they are like animals.

Let’s make sure blacks don’t drink from the same fountain, and let’s keep them from marrying by not letting them in our legal offices and buildings.

Again, as a gay, Christian black American, I feel it’s important that I remind my fellow black community, black churches and black lawmakers what we as human beings without equal rights once felt and horribly went through.

I get so mad every time I hear a black pastor say all the hate speech against the LGBT community, as if to say, “We made it into the club, but you LGBT stay out.” That is just hateful and outright discrimination. To say no to another group of people with whom you’ve had the same struggles tarnishes every step and triumph that we as the black community have made.

I believe Martin Luther King would be ashamed of our people forgetting where we came from and what we were made to go through.

I feel ashamed to be a black, Christian American right now.

Jarvis Jerry L. Brooks

Memorial Recreation Center thanks computer donors

To the editor:

Memorial Recreation Center Inc. would like to thank Albright Crumbacker Moul & Itell LLC and the Pauline Anderson Foundation for the donation of the new computer lab. The new computers have benefited the children, allowing all of the programs to perform at a much faster and comprehensive rate. With this great addition, our children are able to complete their homework assignments, conduct research for projects and continue their education in digital technology.

We at Memorial Recreation Center are proud to be able to contribute to our community through this generous gesture. A special thank you to Ken for all his help and support.

Loretta Wright, executive director
Memorial Recreation Center Inc.

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