What's Wrong With This Picture? - May 28

May 27, 2012
  • A guardrail at a curve on Md. 66 in Washington County, between U.S. 40 and Benevola Church Road, was replaced after it was hit in a crash. Then, it was hit again. On Thursday, vehicle parts are shown on the ground in various spots along the curve.
By Andrew Schotz, Staff Writer

The problem: A curve along Md. 66, between U.S. 40 and Benevola Church Road. The guardrail was replaced after it was struck. Then, it was struck again. As of Thursday, vehicle parts were spread along the curve. Two orange barrels sat in front of the guardrail.

Who could fix it: Maryland State Highway Administration

What they say: “SHA’s maintenance personnel did place the barrels after the guardrail was recently hit .... The guardrail will be replaced within two weeks (early to mid-June),” SHA spokesman David Buck wrote in an email.

“Md. 66 is generally a rural two-lane road with a 40 mph speed limit in this section. The section you mention ... is generally straight but does include a few curved sections, which is typical for rural roads.

Along Md. 66 approaching the curves, SHA has curve ahead and speed reduction signage ... as well as additional arrow signage within the curve itself.


“Several years ago, SHA modified the curve closer to Boonsboro, which made a significant safety improvement. This second curve (the one in the pictures) presents far greater challenges, as there are significant stream and environmental impacts. SHA is currently working on a design to ease the sharpness of the curve, add additional lane width and add shoulders so we can move the guardrail away from the edge of travel lane where it sits today. This is funded for design but not construction.

“It is worth noting — the guardrail in this case, while we prefer to not have it get hit, does keep an errant vehicle or driver making a poor decision from more serious injury if it were not present. Safety is SHA’s number- one priority.

“Currently, motorists do roll through the 40 mph section on the straight sections, do not reduce their speeds at or near the 30 mph suggested speed on the curves and strike the guardrail. We ask motorists to travel at appropriate speeds not only along Md. 66, but all roads in Maryland.”

 — Compiled by Andrew Schotz

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