Progress made in talks between Waynesboro Area School Board, teachers' union

May 23, 2012

WAYNESBORO, Pa. — Negotiators for the Waynesboro Area School Board and its teachers’ union expressed optimism for a contract resolution after meeting Wednesday.

The two sides are nearing the 700th day since the last teachers’ contract expired.

The school board and union, Waynesboro Area Education Association, released a joint statement following their negotiating session with former Fairfield (Pa.) Area School District Superintendent Gary Miller.

The statement signed by WAEA President Mike Engle and school board attorney Richard Galtman stated:

“The parties met with Dr. Miller at his home on Wednesday, May 23, 2012. With Dr. Miller’s assistance, the parties made progress on several issues and continue to work towards an agreement with optimism.

The parties will take the provisions they discussed to their perspective constituents for review and possible approval early next week.

The parties are very appreciative of Dr. Miller’s efforts on this matter.”

The two sides have been negotiating since early 2010.


The statement said both sides would not have further comment on the issue until next week.

The teachers approved the results of a fact-finder’s report earlier this month while the school board rejected it once and publicly reaffirmed its disapproval of it a week later. A fact-finder is a third party that examines both sides of the contract dispute and makes recommendations.

The teachers later voted to authorize a strike, but have yet to act on the issue.

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