Letters to the Editor - May 17

May 17, 2012

Chambersburg coach deserved better treatment

To the editor:

I would like to publicly express my support and admiration for Shawn Shreffler, who, despite great adversity, stayed true to his beliefs. For years, one of the things that Shreffler, the former Chambersburg Area Senior High School boys basketball coach, preached to his players about was facing adversity with courage and dignity. It’s one thing to say it, but quite another to actually go out and do it. 

Anyone who’s ever been let go, dismissed or fired, knows how much that hurts. For most people, it brings out a lot of emotions, frustration and anger. But Mr. Shreffler, as we have found out, is not most people. He is the exception. He is one who others can look up to and in whom one can find a role model. His students and players have known this for years. Now, a lot more people know it. 

According to Coach Shreffler, no representative from the Chambersburg Area School District administration or Chambersburg Area School Board talked directly to him about the situation. And worse than that, no one from the board or administration even called to tell him his job performance and possible dismissal was going to be discussed at Wednesday’s meeting.

Shreffler found this information out by reading the board’s documents the Monday before the meeting. This is really unbelievable treatment for any employee, but especially one who has done so much for the school.

Not long after his firing, Coach Shreffler faced the reporters and cameras and answered all their questions in a calm and dignified manner. He talked about facing adversity with his head held high and refrained from criticizing those who had decided to oust him. Imagine how difficult this would be, right after being treated so poorly by your employer. I find Shreffler’s immediate reaction exceptional, but the coach made it seem effortless. 

This decision is so much about politics, ego, and, probably more than anything else, ignorance about athletics and coaching, and so little about Shawn Shreffler and basketball.

Fred S. Bull
Chambersburg, Pa.

A new stadium would be nice, but ...

To the editor:

I read with great interest The Herald-Mail editorial page from Saturday, May 12. Kristin Aleshire presented a great deal of information that I and probably most other readers did not know. Robert Meyers’ letter likewise was filled with informative points of interest. Unlike most letters, these letters make a great deal of sense because they are filled with facts, not just supposition.

A stadium would be nice but, the state of Maryland has no money, Washington County has no money and the City of Hagerstown has no money. The county needs $745,000 for projects, but has no surplus (not even a measly $1 million). The city had to borrow $700,000 just to buy recycling bins. Yet each has more than $400,000 a year for the stadium project. Where is the reasoning ability of our politicians?

I know two county commissioners are against the project and a third has strong reservations. And some may recall Dot McDonald’s piece, “the city lost 10 businesses downtown last year.”

People are losing their jobs, homes, everything they’ve worked for, but still the governing body wants to spend, spend, spend. Where is the funding coming from?

Before we commit to a stadium, take a good look around and spend money on things we really need.

Edward Kendall

Easy Book Contest reception was wonderful

To the editor:

On May 9, I attended the wonderful reception for the Easy Book Contest held by Washington County Public Libraries. The community room at Smithsburg Library — a gem in the county — was filled with wonderful writers, illustrators and their families as well as friends of the library.

I was very impressed with the setup: Each first-place winner read their book aloud while it was shown on a screen. The audience could hear the story in the writer’s voice as well as see how well integrated the pictures were. Second- and third-place winners were interviewed about their books and showed some of their pictures as well.

The art work and stories were all so different and so wonderfully entertaining. True to the picture book genre, the stories all ended well, taught some kind of lesson about life, growth and the world with marvelous pictures to enhance the text.

We are very fortunate to have such talented people in our midst. I want to thank Smithsburg Library for hosting the event and the Washington County Public Libraries for having such a grand contest. It made for a perfect evening.

Nancy Ferguson
Myersville, Md.

Barbara Wetzel to voters: Thanks for ‘recycling’ me

To the editor:

I would like to thank the 229 Boonsboro residents who voted to return me to the Boonsboro Town Council for a second, four-year term. I am humbled by your strong show of support in the May 8 town election.

The election results clearly show that the citizens of the town want to be sure that we improve and retain our new curbside recycling program and want a more open, more accountable and more responsive town government. That is my charge.

For more than four years, a very dedicated group of residents, called the Boonsboro Recycling Task Force, has worked for a townwide curbside recycling program. Happily, it will begin in July for all residents.

And hopefully, four years from now, the program will be so well-established that it will be saving town taxpayers thousands of dollars as the amount of trash going into the landfill is reduced considerably and as more of our household waste makes its way into new products to complete the cycle.

Please feel free to contact me about any town issue by going to or by phoning me at 301-791-1291.

Thank you, and let’s all work for a better Boonsboro.

Barbara Wetzel

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