Lloyd Waters: Mother's Day is for all mothers

May 13, 2012|By LLOYD WATERS

I was talking to my mom the other day about her mother and her memories of childhood. My mom was born on the first day of spring in 1931. Her memories are dotted with many tough times of growing up in Dargan. She told me that being born during the Depression was a difficult time for her family, and her life was filled with many trials that were not uncommon for most families.

My grandmother, according to my mom, never held a job in her life, but she did fairly well with her family in consideration of these tough times. To suggest her life was easy would be a total fabrication of the truth.

My mom held several jobs for many years of her life.

Both my mom and grandmother deserve recognition on this Mother’s Day.

I have watched many moms raise children; some do it very well and others could do a lot better.

A few weeks ago, I listened to the comments of Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen as she reported that Mitt Romney’s wife “has actually never worked a day in her life.”

Ann Romney has raised five children — all boys.

Rosen must have assumed that since Romney did not have a full-time job, it must have been quite easy raising five children as a stay-at-home mom.

After hearing this remark, I concluded that politics must have caused Rosen’s brain to lock up for just a brief moment.

I know many families where the mom has to work and sweat to make ends meet. I know many single moms who work more than one job so they can provide for their children, who often are ignored by their fathers.

These moms are, quite simply, amazing people.

Although Ann Romney has been fortunate to be a primary parent, her role as a stay-at-home mother should not be minimized.

Rosen, herself, is raising two adopted children as a single parent after she and Elizabeth Birch separated.

As a working mom, Rosen is out of the home working while someone else, perhaps, is providing direction and supervision to her children. If someone chooses and can stay at home to provide guidance and supervision to their children, what’s really wrong with that?

Although Rosen can certainly make an observation in regard to  Romney’s stay-at-home arrangements to raise five boys, she should bite her tongue to be overly critical of this situation.

In better economic times, perhaps some of the stresses for these working moms could be minimized.

Whether Mitt Romney or Barack Obama has a better plan to improve economic times remains to be seen. For sure, a better economic climate would be a benefit for all moms.

In the meantime, why be so critical of a mom who had the opportunity to stay at home and devote her time and energy to raising her five children?  I wonder how many other moms would choose this same arrangement if they could?

It seems today when it comes to politics, everyone has an opinion, and nothing is off limits, even motherhood.

When it comes to Mother’s Day, however, I think we should pause and give just tribute to all those mothers who have made a real difference in the lives of their children.

Some of them have been stay-at-home moms, and many of them have been working moms. I salute and commend each one of you for your inspiring example of motherhood.

Your sacrifices, contributions, unselfish love and those meaningful moments of guidance are so important to our kids of the future.

To Sheila, the mother of our daughter, I especially wish for you a happy and blessed Mother’s Day. Thank you for everything you do and have done to make such a positive difference in our daughter's life. You are, indeed, a very “special” mom.

Lloyd “Pete” Waters is a Sharpsburg resident who writes collumns for The Herald-Mail.

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